Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kya keh ke gaya tha, shaayar woh sayaana

It's a shame that history is taught the way it is, in school. It is much like a conscious attempt to strip us of any little interest we might be harbouring towards it. Back then, it was a chore; it was about memorizing names with silly roman numbers after them and god-knows-how-many battles and the years they were fought. The sole aim - to remember long enough to pass the exams. No one cared thereafter. But history can be made so much more interesting, something that I have discovered outside the social studies text book.

If it were not for the knowledge of what transpired in yesteryears, how could we ever hope to answer the 'why' of things happening today.

Anyways, the Middle-East is on boil again. If you are done following the traditional media coverage, here is where you should head to, if you, as Lustig says "want to know what bloggers in Gaza and Israel are saying about current Israeli military operations there, rather than just reading what people thousands of miles away think about them".


Kya keh ke gaya tha, shaayar woh sayaana,
Aag ka dariya, doob ke jaana.
Tu sabar tho kar mere yaar,
Zara saans tho le dildaar.
Chal phikr nu goli maar yaar,
Hai din zindadi de char.

Lyrics – Jaideep Sahani
Music – Salim Sulaiman
Movie – Rab ne bana di jodi
New year resolutions and all that is done to death. Lets talk predictability. Do you know how the new year is gonna be for you? How much of it is going to be as planned and laid out? Or are you in for a wild ride?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Did you know why Romania will survive the end of the world?

Robin Lustig makes his case for how journos are not very good at dealing with stories that move slowly, here. Stories of steady disintegration - bit by bit.

It's true ain't it? The big spectacles make headlines and grab eyeballs. We rattle of the names and numbers real fast... WTC, London, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai. Lustig talks about Congo, Darfur and Zimbabwe. We needn't go that far. Closer home, have we really took notice of just how many have been killed in Maoist attacks in the past decade or so? Or the ever-volatile North-East?

Not really pointing finger at the media or the administration, but rather wondering if we, humans, are wired that way?


Meanwhile, much is being made out of the so-called united face the parliament put up yesterday. I am not in a hurry to paint rosy pictures of optimism yet and prefer to ask, did they really have a choice and did it take any effort? Once the L-e-T links were established, it was quite easy to call the attacks, a war on India. And talk in glorifying terms about standing united against the outsider. After all when the country is at war, as Mr Advani would like us to believe, it is the obvious and expected stand for you to take.

Enemy, however, does not always come from across the seas. What about the case when you are up against an insider? Mr. Advani, when you will not have the refuge of nationality, would you still refrain from identity politics? When you will not have the convenience of branding them as outsiders, will you still say that terrorism knows no religion?

Having said that, I admit it was relieving to see some civility return to the parliament sessions. To see young MPs talk passionately about reforming the security infrastructure and de-politicizing the police force, is mildly comforting. But the political process has made such cynics out of us, that words don't really mean much.

Not really pink with optimism, but still willing to hold on to hope.


Like I said. If you are in IT now, you are looking at potential bachelorhood for quite some time to come.


People engage, stay connected and comment upon the political process in their countries in varied styles. The drawing room discussions, college debates, the dejected shaking of head seeing the news everyday, media, taking out rallies and sometimes even voilence.

How would a populace denied basic rights under a totalitarian regime cope with it's grim situation?

Here is a nice piece on humor in Communist Romania.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

tumhein bhi kabhie yeh sataatein hain?!!

Curtains raise... the tamaasha begins.
With the general elections due, the recent assembly polls in 5 states (Delhi, MP, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Mizoram) were widely being held as some kind of semi-final.
The results have left everyone scratching their heads and scrambling for theories.

-The terror card works? No.
The general elections might shower more light on this, though.
-In-fighting, an exclusive Congress bastion? No.
Raje's loss in Rajastan has widely been attributed to this.
-Anti-incumbency, a factor? No.
Dixit just won her 3rd term. Phew.
-Indian voter comes of age, as some journos want us to believe?
Er, I doubt it sire.
-The mild mannered politicos won over the flamboyant ones?
Alright Dixit won and so did Gehlot. But Modi is still ruling and so is Mayawati.
-Predictions for big polls due next year?
Congress is not going to do as badly as BJP wants it to.
-Is a coalition still the most probable outcome?

Reminds me of the first general election I followed. Back in the days when 24X7 news channels were unheard of. Back when Pranoy Roy's NDTV used to make news for StarPlus.
I remember staring wide-eyed at all those graphics that Roy threw up and uttered his favorite word - landslide. I still like the sound of the word from his mouth.

Before the news channels/shows segregated on linguistic lines, there was a news-show that delivered the goods in an appealing mix of English and Hindi. It looked like common sense. Most of us talk that way after all, substituting words from other languages. ZEE tv was it?
A route which I considered to be safe enough even after 9 in the evening, turned out otherwise, at 1300 hours. Yesterday. What is one supposed to do? Let out a prayer each day on reaching home, for miraculously still being safe?
Tumhein bhi kabhie yeh sataatein hain,
Muskurake dil ko churaatein hain,
Jeene ko tho dil yeh chaahta hain,
Jaane phir kyun sharmaata hain

Lyrics - Tanvir Shah, Arshii
Singer - Lucky Ali
Album - Aks

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I have a friend who was to take a train that day in CST. A friend's friend who saw people drop dead infront of him. 2 out of 9 blogs linked here, have first person accounts of how they 'missed' it by a whisker.

Have been trying to avoid writing about the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Have however decided that its best to get it out and out of the way. Most households in India with a cable connection have spent a good 60 hours in the past few days, watching that horror unfold, LIVE.

Some talk of enough is enough. Some have written passionately about it. Some are taking candle-lit marches. Others are filing PILs.

I, for one, have no words to say. Not even those which come loaded with angst, anger and exhaustion.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

of dhabas and gourmet kitchen...

I think there isn't really anything called a cool job. There are just people who love what they do.
You can really tell when you see someone who likes what he does. It's pure and infectious.

There are loads of so called food and travel shows on air. Somehow amidst all those 'awwhh's 'mmhh's and 'ooohh's eachone utters... there are two that stand out.
Their love for food - I can almost smell and taste from my living room.
Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations
Rocky and Mayur - Highway on my Plate

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kitni baatein yaad aati hai...

Truly trivial and nearly spectacular – Chapter 5
Having a secluded corner with a sunset view for a cubicle, at work.
Khuda Ke Liye
The Simpsons
Ashta Chamma
Aavakaya Biryani
Quatum Of Solace

It’s that time again...
You see nervous whispers at lunch in the canteen.
You dread the three words “You’ve Got Mail”, each morning opening your official mailbox.
Everyone walks around with a “Is it my turn today?” look.
You no longer get hourly calls from people offering you loans with no interest and credit cards with no limit.
Your market value at dips considerably.

Thats right… it is the IT lay-off season.

A not-so-oft remembered, but beautiful nonetheless, song from Lakshya.

Kitni baatein yaad aati hai
Tasveerein si ban jaati hain
Main kaise inhein bhooloon
Dil ko kya samjhaoon

Kitni baatein kehne ki hai
Honton par jo sehmi si hai
Ek roz inhein sun lo
Kyun aise gum-sum ho

Kyun poori ho na paayi daastaan
Kaise aayi hai aisi dooriyaan

Kitni baatein yaad aati hai
Tasveerein si ban jaati hain
Main kaise inhein bhooloon

Lyrics - Javed Akhtar
Music - SEL

Saturday, November 08, 2008

he hated the sunshine today...

Her eyes fell on a little black bag lying in the corner, casually forgotten.
All she could recollect was a cloudy picture of its contents, nothing more than that.
She stretched a hand to wrap her fingers around it.
Only to feel her hand break through a invisible film of dust that seemed to curtain the past and the present.
She grabbed whatever she could of the bag and pulled it to her chest.
As she hastened to open it, the contents spilled out.
Lying before her, strewn all over the place was her past.
Things that were meant to freeze the moment they were part of. For an eternity.
Things that were trusted to deliver back that moment, unadulterated, no matter when beckoned.
Things that spoke aloud of the naive self-importance of those moments.
Pale shadows of yesterday they were, now. What's the point? she caught herself wondering.
But she could not bring herself to let go. Not even today.
She dusted the bag and placed it back in that dark corner carefully. Smiling silently all along.

He looked out of the window. It was a sunny day.
An irritated sigh and muted curses later, he went back to the keyboard.
You wouldn't realise that anything was amiss,
If you'd miss the forced key strokes.
Eyebrows knitted together, he mouthed a silent - I hate the weather.
Each sunny day came with a 'this won't last long' written all over it.
And every time he woke up to a clouded sky, the sunny days past seemed like an illusion.
He hated it. Today.


Najaane kab se umeedein kuch baki hain
Mujhe phir bhi teri yaad kiun aati hai

Juda Hoke Bhi Tu Mujhmein Kahi Baaki Hai
Palkon Mein Banke Aansu Tu Chali Aati Hai

Sath Mere Hain Tu Har Pal Shab Ke Andhere Mein
Paas Mere Hain Tu Ujale Savere Mein
Ab Toh Aadat Si Hai Mujhko Aaise Jeene Mein

Lyrics - Goher Mumtaz

Singer - Atif Aslam

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Symbolism - Isn't it quite a thing?

Obama won. And you can have a look at the papers... here.
And I find myself pondering over the very thing which the results have mandated as a non-issue. Yes, race.
The results show, ‘it’s the economy, stupid’. That and Iraq + Bush.
True. But in spite of all that, to have the race issue relegated to the shadows I think is quite remarkable.

To go from white-only seats in public places to electing an African-American as the President – in living memory. Isn’t it quite a thing?

I have read a news report about an African-American, who remembers what it’s like to have dogs set after you and to be beaten up for daring to vote. Today he listens to a black man deliver a presidential election victory speech. Isn’t it quite a thing?

Symbolism has great potency. And not just to prep-up the rhetoric.

Second link - courtesy - Justin Webb's blog at

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


“Man has no ears for what he has not experienced. If he agrees to something, he knows it already.”
- Unknown


Friday, October 24, 2008

Photograph is a wonderful thing. Ain't it?!

A woman makes flower offerings before the statue of a bull outside the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) on 22 October 2008. Indian shares have lost nearly half their value this year as the global financial crisis has rippled around the world. - BBC

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

aksar us chauraste pe nazar padthi hain...

Some quite cool things happened... Chandrayaan launched!
"Well the correct answer is, 'He's not a Muslim, he's a Christian, he's always been a Christian'. But the really right answer is, 'What if he is?'"
- Colin Powell
First word that came to my mind - Sense.
And sense not just in the context of Obama or the negative campaign, but in the broader context of a much prevelant tendency to brand people on the basis of their religious identities.
Closer home they are calling it 'identity politics'. They are teaching or rather re-drilling into us what is 'us' and 'them'.
And not just religion, the plague of intolerance never seems to find itself wanting for potential subjects. Everything is a problem - your religion, your caste, which state you were born in, the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, your gender, your political ideology, heck even the language you speak.
Baavra Mann Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna
Baavre Se Mann Ki Dekho, Baavri Hain Baatein

Baavri Se Dhadkane Hain, Baavri Hain Saansen
Baavri Si Karwaton Se, Nindiya Door Bhaage
Baavre Se Nain Chaahe, Baavre Jharokhon Se, Baavre Nazaaron Ko Takna

Baavra Mann Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna

Baavre Se Is Jahaan Main, Baavra Ek Saath Ho
Is Sayaani Bheed Main Bas Haathon Mein Tera Haath Ho
Baavri Si Dhun Ho Koi, Baavra Ek Raag Ho
Baavre Se Pair Chaahen, Baavron Tarano Ke, Baavre Se Bol Pe Thirakna

Baavra Mann, Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna

Baavra Sa Ho Andhera, Baavri Khamoshiyan
Thartharati Lou Ho Maddham, Baavri Madhoshiyan
Baavra Ek Ghooghta Chahe, Haule Haule Bin Bataye, Baavre Se Mukhde Se Sarakana

Baavra Mann, Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna

Lyrics - Swanand Kirkire
Movie - Hazaaron Kwaishien Aisi
Seeing Jill running her hand frantically over the book, Jack came over.
“Oh I am trying to wipe out the water”, explained Jill.
“But I can’t see any”.
“Oh, I don’t know”, she looked at him.
“It’s not the page, it’s your eyes”.
She had to blink twice to see what he meant.
She chuckled “Ohh...silly me”.
Jack kept staring into the book.
When it stopped raining in Bologna”, he muttered slowly.
“You were reading the same line an hour ago”, he finished.
Aksar us chauraste pe nazar tho padthi hain.
Magar us gali se guzarne ki izzazat khud ko,
kabhie kabhie hii diya karte hain.

Monday, October 13, 2008

jaane kyun dil jaanta hai, tu hain tho I'll be all right

random observations...

-There is something quite inexplicable about listening to jazz on a lonely evening.
-If I were to make a movie, it would definitely be a Drama.
-News and Coffee are addictions that are hard to fight off.
Currently reading – Catch 22
Page after page, I am amazed at how Heller manages to keep it going. A friend of mine once talked about how the rest of Heller’s stuff pale in comparison. I am not surprised. A book like this one can only happen once.

Mr. Joseph Heller, take a bow.
Currently listening to -

Jaane kyun dil jaanta hain... Tu hain tho, I'll be all right.
Tu hain tho tedhi medhi rahein... Ulti pulti baatein, seedhi lagti hain
Tu hain tho jhoothe muthe vaadein...Dushman ke iraade, sache lagtein hain
Jo Dil mein taare vaare de jaga...Woh tu hi hain, tu hi hain.
Jo rothe rothe de hasa... Tu hi hai wohi.

Jaane kyun Dil jaanta hai... Tu hain tho, I'll be all right.

Movie – Dostana
Lyrics - Anvitha Dutt
Singer - Vishal Dadlani
Music - Vishal - Shekar

Correction: Music is by Vishal - Shekar, not SEL

Statutory Warning: Those allergic to things morose, please feel free to stay away.

Awash in thought she reached home,
hoping to wash the day away with a nap.
Jolted out of sleep, desperate for air,
she allowed herself to grasp it fully, only after a second.
It was a dream, she figured.
Only a dream, she tried to tell herself.
Dared to laugh, she would have,
had she not fully comprehended it.
Resting her head on the pillow, she closed her eyes,
waiting for her racing heart to slow down.
She shifted a little to the right, thinking it could help,
then she shifted to the left, hoping it would help.
She then opened her eyes slowly,
and searched for the ceiling lost in the darkness.
There shall be no more sleep for the night, she knew.
The watch said three more hours were to pass,
for another morning to come-by.
Three more, she whispered into the air.
Fresh ears would have sensed fear in those words,
but then, so did her own.
Another morning of aspirin, she almost chuckled,
drawing up the covers a little and closing her eyes.
The To-Read list...

The Last Lecture
Stay Hungry Stay Foolish
Dreams from My Father
Crime and Punishment

I can’t believe I missed out on this for so long. Let me put a comma to my excitement and get straight to the point.
Alice in the Wonderland – *ng Johnny Depp, directed by Tim Burton.
3 favs; together; what more can I ask for?
Just when the idea of Depp in the next Batman movie had started to settle in, this piece of news comes along. O Boy!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

wat u up2?

-Watched a play.
The president is coming. A political satire by Q Theater Productions.
Thanks to The Hindu group, the Hyderabad Theater Fest has now become an annual affair.
Fun, it was. Witty dialogues, exciting characters, a generous dose of irony et al.

-Asked Ramu a question.
You say.."I am liar". Can one really reach a state of complete moral indifference (to oneself)?
He replied... "I did".

-Watched movies like
Chintakaayala Ravi
Singh is King
Laaga Chunari Mein Daag
Er, yes... I sometimes do that. Watch such movies.

-Followed the match.
Yes, India vs Australia.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Of ghastly grammar, irresponsible punctuation and forced rhyme

The irreverent lot, we are.
Of ghastly grammar and irresponsible punctuation.

We think we are wise,
“The end is to communicate”, we state.
If you think otherwise,
You are the lot, we love to hate.

Instinct, our scale.
Mention rules, and we turn pale.

Right are our words, only when they ring right .
You will find all heart and no mind in sight.

Don’t we cringe, you wonder.
Dear Friend, we only smile and ponder.

Get away with blasphemy, we can.
Break all rules and pose smug.
Poke the heel of your high-horse, we can.
Then smile at you and ask for a hug.

Oh dear, we know all the tricks.
Just that, flouting propriety gives us the kicks.

The irreverent lot, we are.
Of ghastly grammar and irresponsible punctuation.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

everybody has a theory

And the blame game is full-on. The Democrats might be happy being the only ones with the immediate and visible gain from the current financial crisis (The momentum has definitely, even if slightly, shifted in favour of Obama, they say). But not everybody is happy with them.
Justin Webb put up some links and I recommend you check them out.
Especially the last one. Fascinating.
Better still, check them out in reverse order.


The truly trivial and the nearly spectacular - Chapter 4:

Lying outdoors. Head resting on cross-folded arms. A clear jet black sky and lots of stars.

Monday, October 06, 2008

What fun in looking into the mirror?

For something to become a part of your conscious thought process, it has to unsettle you enough.
It has to be different enough - From you. From your environment. From your ideas.
After all, what fun is there in looking into a mirror, except in self-contemplation.
Some have the ability to be constantly amused with life.
Life in general - Others’ and their own.
Life in specific - The little things : the words said and unsaid, the actions, the motivations, the fears and the hopes.

Some think of it as a mere mask.
I can only say - You just don’t get it, my friend.
Willing to guard it with my life, I wish to never lose that ability.
Contrary to prevalent and popular romantic sentiments, it is rather easy to be tough on oneself.
Maturity is in knowing when to be easy on oneself.
An acknowledgment of the role that the circumstances play in most things.
An acceptance of one’s own helplessness.
An ability to acknowledge the words - “No Point”.
Some things, just are.
They needn’t be judged by brainwashed criteria of right or wrong and better or worse.
Acceptance of the above might actually undermine the status of some emotions - as the rarest on the planet.
Yesterday you might have looked at it and swooned over it.
Today, the line might just be a handful empty words.
What has changed – You?
Jill just missed her bus to town.
Hands on knees, a panting Jack gave her a “What now” look.
Jill looked at her watch and said “Wait for the next one”.
Sitting on the bench, they found time to look at the newly painted Post-Office.
“I never thought the Post-Office would look so good in blue”, remarked Jack.
“I always thought you oughtta like blue”, said Jill.
“Now I do”.
“I am glad to see you like it”.
“But if you hadn’t missed the bus, you would have not known it”.
“I am glad, I missed it”, finished Jill, craning her neck to see if the next bus was coming.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Johnny Johnny...

A part of the Iraq story I was unaware of, till recently - The Awakening Councils.
Saw Swades yesterday. Fell in love with the movie all over again. Sharukh can afford to die a contented man.
“Are we going to make a sequel to The Dark Knight?"
"How the hell are we going to top Heath? ".
"I’ll tell you how you top Heath — Johnny Depp as The Riddler and Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin."
*Shit, they’ve done it again!
Now if that hasn't gotten you all excited, I donno what will.
Alright; I plead guilty to the charge of expecting more than a cordial debate. A few more gaffes maybe.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thoroughly amused...

Here we go again...
Rock On
Welcome to Sajjanpur
Welcome to Sajjanpur is a movie that deserves more than just a mention. If you paused to think about how the movie is while watching it, does it mean that the movie just isn't holding on to your attention enough? I guess not always.
Welcome to Sajjanpur had me thinking "Hey this is working for me" even while I was watching it.
Proof that it worked for me: Coz I
-thought "Aaayi ab Munni ki baari" is super catchy.
-guessed those words before they played out on screen.
-was lip-syncing the line while watching it and humming it afterwards.
-would have gladly joined in their dance had I been a Sajjanpur-wasi.
-actually felt sorry for Munni Bai when she stands distressed in front of Mahadev's front door.
-thought Ila Arun was fantastic.
-am game to have a protagonist with lots of grey shades, who doesn't let you like him easily.
-was relieved that I could finally like him without guilt, once he sets things right.
-am glad the movie is not some village exotica packaged for the NRIs or sheher ke youth - jino ne aaj tak gaon nahi dekha.
-found it all... so very charming.
Hardly a day gets by - aaj kal - without a blast somewhere.
And we all heave a helpless sigh and walk further down the road of desensitization.
Jill drank some water.
Jack drank some water.
Jill drank some more water.
Jack drank some more water.

P.S : er.. don't bother with the above, if you don't get it. It's a private joke.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

because the Swiss know how to make chocolate...

The truly trivial and the nearly spectacular, chapter 3 - A comfortable couch, 'Catcher in the Rye' in hand and a Toblerone.
The Swiss know how to make chocolate. Period.
When you do a lot of living inside your head, you might end up mouthing stuff like - "all emotion is overrated".
There is one though, that has not disappointed yet. Vindication.
Like I said earlier, sweet are the waters of vindication.
"I don't like the last line of a book", announced Jack.
Jill stopped swinging her leg over the park bench and looked at him.
"Funny, I did not know you liked commas at the end of a story", said Jill.
"I wish for it to never end".
"But you have no say in that".
"I like to have sequels".
"But this story has to end".
"How do you like your stories?" asked Jack, stopping too.
"Oh, with a full-stop the size of a golf ball", answered Jill and got back to her swinging.
Going through my older posts, I found one that talked about people and their environment variables. How the values differ from person to person and how one oughta feel humbled after taking a careful peek at others.
Today, I'd say :
Fret not, dear. Coz, when life sits down to judge you, it ain't gonna read someone else's preface.
I am not much into revolutionary literature. But a line is a line.
There are lines... and then there are lines like these.
"Nenu saitham prapanchaagni ki samidhanu okkati aahuthi ichanu".
-Sri Sri
Simply in a league of its own.

Friday, August 15, 2008

We listen to, read and see THINGS. And we react.

Liked. Wow'ed. Hated. Yawned. Stumped. Bored. Ok'ed.
Then something like this comes along.. and you go Silent.
Do tell me, if you reacted anyother way.

It's that time of the year again. Happy Independence Day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

nails turned green...

Everybody is Yay'ing our first individual gold at the Olympics and I join the bandwagon.
My earliest memories of Olympics are overwhelmingly those of gymnastics, with a sprinkling of swimming and athletics. Talking of sports and memories; I recollect rooting for Edberg and Seles, against Becker and Graff.
What are your earliest sporting memories?
And I am totally in awe and disbelief, thinking of people who succesfully compartmentalize their lives. People who don't carry the baggage of work, to home, no matter what.
The truly trivial and the nearly spectacular, chapter 2:
When a random FM station plays your favourite song, just when you think about it.
Hazaaron khwaishein aisi... kii har khwaish pe dum nikle.
Bahut nikle mere armaan... lekin phir bhi kam nikle
- Mirza Ghalib
Yeh manzilein bhi khud hi tai karein,
Yeh faaslein bhi khud hi tai karein.
Kyun tho raaston pe phir sehem sehem, sambhal sambhal ke chalta hai yeh dil
Kyun, khoye khoye chand ki firak mein... talaash mein, udaas hai dil
Kyun apne aap se khafa khafa, zara zara sa naaraaz hai dil

Movie-Khoya Khoya Chand
Lyrics- Swanand Kirkire
Music- Shantanu Moitra

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I miss the maroon

I fell for this, some three years ago. And I am yet to get over it. Has the typical 'lungs bereft of air' effect on me, this. Every single time.
Ladies and Gentlemen, here's presenting you Kenny G.
I like doing my own installations. The set up, configuration - the whole deal. With an overdose of everything Windows these days, I miss Red Hat.
I miss the maroon. Sorely so.
Take the list of songs that have been adorned with 'classic' status and chances are, you will find more than a few sad songs in there.
The greatest stories ever told: many have been tragedies.
So, what is it about them, that makes them click?
Lets keep aside the junta whose reason behind appreciating the above, is tainted with the word 'identification'. Perfectly happy people are also amongst ardent followers; why?
People do it knowing that it is going to end sadly; Why?
I read somewhere about a theory that went something like this: people enjoy them coz they are looking for assurance that they are capable of being emotionally moved.
So is that all?
You watch/read the sad stories because the tear that rolls down, blankets your fears of being emotionally barren?
The lump in your throat is your passport to the land of 'sensitive'?
Only if you were a residential college student in intermediate, would you share my emotion when I say 'movie night'.
Each one is a tale of how perfectly decent and studious girls turn wild. Complete with larynx tearing shout-fest, the collective sound of a hundred writing pads being fist-banged, the customary flight of torn papers et al.
Once out of the college, it takes a while to adjust to the civility of watching a movie in a public theatre. Its been long, since. And I don't even remember the last time I was tempted to get loud or break into a real applause.
A curious thing happened last weekend though, while watching 'The Dark Knight' in Imax.
Those of you who have watched it, will recollect the scene where the Joker's truck flips over- a full 180 degrees. I gasped, overcome with this rush to clap and memories from yesteryears flooded through. I was just about to collect myself and half the theatre broke into an applause.
It was nice.
The couple who wanted to abort their 26-week-old foetus after tests and reports showed that the baby has a congenital heart defect, have their plea rejected by the High Court.
Law can't be amended, it seems.
Whoz gonna answer for all the suffering that the child and its parents will have to go through? They could have easily gone to any of illegal abortion centres.
Now being punished are they, for seeking legal sanction?

I hope though, that the media will stay out of this one. The disaster of Aarushi's murder case coverage still fresh in mind, I really hope these people are left alone.
Don't want anymore 'making a national spectacle' of someone's personal life.
A happy accident.
Discovering Stephen Fry's blog and his Dork Talk in The Guardian.
You know the capacity of a medium like Internet to keep you entertained is directly proportional to the number of things that you derive fun from.
Wider your range, greater the possibility.
"But you never tell me anything", complained Jack.
"That's coz there is nothing that I can't tell you", answered Jill.
"What are you, 8?" : Jack rolling his eyes.
"No, you always forget. I am 7", laughed Jill.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


"Never go on trips with anyone you do not love".
-Ernest Hemingway
If only I was taught this in school, sigh!
To save kids from being deprived of such gems, they should be given 'lines' (or quotes if you will) and be asked to just mull over. We could have a weekly thinking hour or something, to facilitate exposure to words that are not tainted by 'syllabus' & 'marks'. What do you think?
One goes through the motions, without pausing to think.
And some days, you do that with a smile on your face.
Yesterday, was one such day.

Times when you'd wish to match the peace in your heart and the spring in your step, with a whistle on your lips - this would hands down go into the first chapter of the book called "The truly trivial and the nearly spectacular".
Because Gul Panag said a 'Shukriya' in response to Shreyas Talpade's confession.
Because there are few things that match up to the vision that Madhuri is, when she finishes her dance with a half laugh. In release. In joy.
Because Iris Simpkins speaks out aloud while writing.

Actually I don't have a follow-up line for all those 'because' s. They just looked smart that way.
(I have been wondering though, if the two things : Iris being the way she is and that it was a woman who wrote the character, are somehow related.)
To get things that I have talked about in previous posts to a conclusion:
The govt won the trust vote but not before it was sprinkled with generous doses of humour, thrills and controversies.
Here's Rajdeep Sardesai on the episode.
-If I were tipped off that the Great Flood was incumbent and I had one disk to save all the data I could. I'd say the BBC archives would be pretty high up the list.
-Someone had asked me years ago, if I could have anything I wished for, what would that one thing be? And I said - I want to time-travel to the day we would have first hand knowledge/contact with E.T life.
Its been long since, but I doubt my answer would change significantly.
The joy of listening to Jagjit Singh lies as much in the pauses, as in the words themselves.
Its in the way he hums before the this particular one starts:

Tumko dekha tho, yeh khayaal aaya,
zindagi dhoop, tum ghanaa saaya.
Aaj phir dil ne, ek tamanna kii,
aaj phir dil ko, hum ne samjhaaya.
Hum jise gun guna nahi sakte,
waqt ne aisa geet kyun gaaya.
Beep Beep: 1 Message Received.
Jack smiled.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Having wiped out the last tear from the corner of my left eye, am back to talk about things other than lines like these: The bigger they come, the harder they fall. Sigh!

The curtain falls. SP in, Left out. And everybody is busy doing the math.
The news wallahs are, as expected rubbing their hands gleefully, ever-ready to take us through the story again and again and again. But hold on, somebody else is getting a little excited too.
Everybody has something to say.
So here's Sagarika Ghosh today in a letter to the Left.
And here's Rajdeep Sardesai few days ago on the Congress-Left dynamics.

Here's a neat little presentation on the missile shield that US wants to build over Europe, thats bugging Russia to no end.

Time to dive in to the celebrated ritual.
Seven Samurai
I am Legend
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
The Usual Suspects

Sunday, July 06, 2008

have no title to match...

Here you go, Sire!!!
They have already started calling it 'one of the' best finals ever.
Immediate euphoria or not, history shall be a better judge.
I could give my two cents too... throw my hat in the ring too.
Love to indulge, I may, but words have drained out dear.
The match almost gave me a fever.

When the world around seems a tad less bright,
one's eyes take a little time to adjust.

I need a break.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tim lak lak -tim- tim lak lak

While scores of people around are clueless about how to move-on,
looks like a guy from Sydney has the solution : Go sell your life!
No sir, not to the devil, but on ebay.
The Left refuses to budge and the allies want to keep the Government alive.
Like Mr.Paswan puts it... We are trying to score runs and save wickets at the same time.
Common sense yaar, like those analysts in fancy suits and lit studios say: which political party will risk early elections for a non-issue?
The nuclear deal ain't going to win them any extra votes and our parties are nothing if not politically wise. National interest be damned, everybody is scared of going to the polls when inflation is likely to be the hot issue.

In an NDTV show yesterday Shekar Gupta said something to the effect of: Everybody knows the deal is as good as done and backing away from it is not really an option. Its just delaying the inevitable and both Congress and the Left are just going through the motions of doing the right political thing, as in... both don't want to look as if they have walked away from the negotiating table.
Hmm... so what do we have as a result: Congress which says, it is committed to the deal but still harbours the dream of taking Left on board. Left which makes it clear that it shall withdraw support if the govt as much as talks to the IAEA, but is just not yet calling quits.
And what do they tell us after the 'god knows how many-th' meet: that the govt has bought time. Time for what? Like one of those analysts said : apparently to do some political maneuvering or to put it straightly... to bring SP on board.

Enough of this, time to have some fun now:
So here's providing, my dear readers.. for your pleasure alone, exclusive footage of 'peep-into-Manmohan's mind'.
Curtains Raise!
Audio: tim lak lak -tim- tim lak lak
(remember the sound bite from RDB? the 'zindagi humein nachathi hai' bit.)
Video: a smug Karat
Meanwhile, a certain mister Federer begins his grass campaign in distant lands.
Beep Beep : 1 Message Received
Jill smiled.

De sakhta hoon main thoda pyaar yahan par, jitni haisiyat hai meri.
Reh jaaoon sab ke dil me dil ko basaakar, ek aisi neeyat hai meri.
Ho jaaye to bhi raazi hoon, Kho jaau to main baaki hoon.
Yun samajhta hoon.

Lyrics: Aslam
Album: Sifar - Lucky Ali

Friday, June 20, 2008

because somebody wrote Iris Simpkins...

I have heard someone wonder about the US presidential election generating buzz, like never before, here in India. I don't know if much has changed except the advent of 24X7 news channels, but at least I have been, to some extent, following the US elections since the infamous 'The one which Al Gore lost'. That was nothing short of twenty20 bowl-out.
I remember rooting for him; for no apparent reason though. Now that I think about it, may be it had something to do with, him looking more presidential than Bush. Yeah, that must have been it.
Today in the age of 24X7 news reporting and in many ways... US and India more closely alligned than ever before, maybe the interest shouldn't come as a surprise. But I also think, its because we, like everybody else love symbolism. Forget about what it would translate into, in terms of concrete reality, you gotta agree that... it makes great news lines.
"A Woman and an African American" running for the democratic ticket, in a year when the democrats were heavily tipped to win. Its just too good to resist..ain' it?
Heck, I would have loved to draft that headline, if I were the editor.

I have to confess, I was totally smitten by the primary season.
True, there are calls within US to get-over the arcane and complicated process. But if you ask me, it was democracy at its vibrant best. All the campaigning, media debates, opening up to the public, to rigorous scrutiny, to questions... it was great. Contrast that with our political system, where we have criminal record holding ministers sitting in the parliament and you will see what I mean. When you see them being held accountable for each bill they voted for and against, each word they uttered, it doesn't take much to see how easily our folks get by.
One thing though, I just don't get all this parade-your-family thing. Why do they have to hug and kiss their partners and profess their love for the kids? I think we are better off, in this department. Rotten our politics maybe, but there is a line that people don't cross here.
The personal is never in the limelight, thankfully. The media might have started getting enthusiastic about it, but it is atleast not part of the campaigns till now.
Also, coming to actual election procedure, me thinks ours is more centralized, direct and simple, don't you think?!
Meanwhile there are signs of the govt finally summing up enough courage to snub the left and go ahead with the IAEA talks.
But will it go all the way? Will dhamkis like these suffice?
Is it already too late?
Has Bush enough time left, to get it done?
*narrowed eyes and mapping delicate patterns on my chin.
We ain't gonna go nowhere with these coalition governments, I tell you!
Here are two recommendations :
Justin Webb - BBC's North America Editor
For nice coverage of the elections and for providing fantastic links to further browse.
If it's your kinda humor, you will find it hilarious.
About the title.... for now, I think a 'I love the character' should suffice.
Its from 'The Holiday' bytheway, for the uninitiated.

Friday, May 30, 2008

What's in the loop?

"Members of one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes have been spotted and photographed from the air near the Brazil-Peru border." - Survival International.
Doesn't this word : uncontacted, shake you up?
What's in the loop?
This is.
Catchy, charming and doesn't loose you out in the middle.
Chuck the video and do listen to those words.
Simple and straight.

The best part of the song is of course.... the 'Aditi' bit.
Use of an actual name somehow makes it much more personal and effective.
Remember any other songs, that did this?

This Rashid Ali fella, is nice.
The BJP takes Karnataka comfortably.
And I sigh in relief.
I would, even if it were Congress.
Who wouldn't, after all the drame-baazi of the last coalition govt?
But accept, we have to, I guess, that coalitions, those patched up wood-works that wobble after each step are here to stay. Like those suited men seated in lit studios say, the days of a single national party taking the majority (in the parliament) are probably over.
Like those who like to make grand statements say, maybe no single party can hope to actually represent the much too diverse nation and its interests.
Oh representation be damned. Do we want a functional government or not?
Or do we want a Karunanidhi with a few seats dictating the country's FDI policy and the left holding the govt at gun point?

Strong regional parties hint at robust democracy, may be.
What about the ailing national parties?
Like those wise men say, for bad or worse, we need them, healthy and strong.
At least if you want the govt to get time to do its job, apart from balancing the delicate coalition machinery.
I love this term : delicate coalition machinery. Show me the man who coined it.
What do you reckon will happen this time, monsieur?
Had enough chokes this year and I don't think my feeble heart can take any more strokes.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

yeh lafz hai, jo aakhir mein, kam pad hii jaatein hain...

"I am over it"
"Yeah, I know"
Both bursted out laughing.
Jack and Jill.
He let her be the stronger one...
That was all he could do,
to keep her from falling apart.
aahein bhar kar, lafzon ko taal diya tha,
zara hans kar, woh lamha kaat diya tha,

magar ab kudh se kahan bhaagein hum?!
yeh kambakth raat kaise kaatein hum?!
duaayein maangi thi berukhi ki..
ab bhi ehsaas se yeh lagaav kyu hai mujhe?

duaayein maangi thi bekhabri ki..
ab bhi mukammal chaahat ki pehchaan kyun hai mujhe?
Hai itna kehne ko, kii khud mein nahi samaatha.
Yeh lafz hai, jo aakhir mein, kam pad hii jaatein hain.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Of the dog that everybody loves...

Tall words with flowery meanings...
is what we get, when people talk about Life.
Doesn't it all, in the end, come down to this,
Finding a way to prolong your good moods and shorten your bad ones?!
You can't miss something you din't have, they say.
I wonder, again, if they underestimate the monsters 'If' and 'Maybe'.
Words that have driven people to both, hope and despair.
You know there is a reason why, guilt, of all mainstream emotions, is the most exploited.
Simple, it works.
And manifests itself in curious ways.
You misplace a mobile today and the next day you are on-time for the class.
I have been hearing a certain Mr. Modi mouthing things like, how the IPL is the baap of manoranjan and mother of all reality TV.
I object, adhyaksha! Lets not get carried away, shall we.
Its not so easy to dethrone Indian poilitics, especially when elections are around. I am sorry to inform you Mr.Modi, but you seem to have no choice but to settle for the second spot.
On the other hand, my dear readers, I would like to recommend a soap starring Obama and Clinton. Its a prime time blockbuster! No kidding.
People have been skeptical of the IPL's success.. here's why, I think, IPL will work.
-The Knight Riders actually came in to the field with gold colored hemlet and pads on.
Contrast that with the white and it kinda sums up everything IPL stands for.
-My mom thinks its cool that Ishanth and Ponting should play in the same team.
-In every drawing room fight between K-serials and News channels, IPL is likely to emerge the winner.
Ever since painting its home red, we have been left wanting and waiting.
Its been long, but its back, and with a promise - Happy To Help.
ADs are wonderful things aren't they? Whoever said commerce and creativity don't go together!!!
Often, we look back at past in embarrasement.
Grown up, have we, since then?
Or have we merely lost the capacity to appreciate that moment for what it was?
jaagthe jaagthe, ek umr kati ho jaise,
jaan baaki hai, magar saans ruki ho jaise,
koi fariyaad, teri dil mein dabi ho jaise,
tune aankhon se, koi baat kahi ho jaise,

har mulaakat mein, mehsoos yehi hota hai,
mujhse kuch, teri nazar, poonch rahi ho jaise.

Movie-Tum Bin
Music-Nikhil Vinay
Singer-Jagjit Singh
Lyrics- Faiz Anwar

There is a thing about lines like these,
if you don't read them right, it just spoils all the fun.
It's the pause, stupid!!!

(in case that rings some muted bells; Yes, it is inspired from the 'It's the economy, stupid!'.)

Friday, April 25, 2008

A thumping, blood-pumping... YES!!!

Aahh... Sweet are the waters of vindication.

Peace, finally.

Monday, April 14, 2008

we celebrate indulgence here...

A blogger and an US Presidential candidate!
My guess is, you never really appreciated to the fullest, the similarity between the both.
Ron Fournier says: A person must be more than a little self-important to wake up one day and say, ‘I belong in the Oval Office.’
A blogger wakes up one day and says: 'I shall find an audience for the -I saw a movie yesterday and ate spaghetti - lines'.
Such... er, exhibitionism?!
Many make a case for looking at a man's work and his personality/private life independently.
Its a shame that not many are interested in the personality quirks of people who have flirted with greatness and have their names taken in the same breath as events that changed our world forever.
TIME says, one could sum up the political history of the last century in the form of biographies of leaders like Roosevelt, Lenin, Churchill, Hitler and Gandhi.
If one were to attempt at scientific or literary histories, it would be a shame if the 'personal' weren't part of it. The academic world has its fair share of amusing stories. Of course rivalries rank high on the popular-appeal chart. With personalities that are almost caricatures, scientists can be interesting people too. They come in all flavors: asocial, retiring, flamboyant, hesitant to down right cruel. There are several such amusing little stories in 'A Short History Of Nearly Everything' by Bill Bryson.
Writers don't like to be left behind, now, do they?!

You get Gore Vidal and Norman Mailer together and you have a full blown feud on the deck.
In case you didn’t already know, Mailer actually hit Vidal in the face once.
My favorite part of any book is the page with 'To' and 'For'.
One page, where the lines don’t have to fit a pattern, where you can say things that people don't have to understand.
Things you could say straight forward, be cryptic, or make it a little fable in itself.
Some authors know how to make the most of it, like JK Rowling.
Since we are already into the murky landscape of exhibitionism;And having already shredded your doubts and stated clearly that, here, we celebrate indulgence, that too of the 'self' kind, lets go full steam ahead.
Here's my page.

Who's my necessity- for never liking it aloud.
Who made the E word sound cool again- for never liking it aloud too.
Whom I haven't thanked enough- for always liking it aloud.
Who made comfort commonplace- for not knowing everything.
Who got the first one out of me- for never carrying the baggage.
Who doubles-up as my time machine- for taking ‘granted’ to a new level.
Who thought I could do better- for the initiation.
Whom I wanted to impress- for the comeback.
Eerily resonant of the word 'identifiable'...
A violent psychopath, of whom the following is said,
“I recall the pain of his shyness. He would break out in a sweat and freeze with palpable pain at having to respond."

Er, now that scares me.
If you were to associate each singer with a flavor, how would your list look like?
Sticking to the contemporary singers:
Sonu Nigam – Vanilla
Shaan – Butterscotch
Adnan Sami - Strawberry
Shankar Mahadevan – Black Current
Kailash Kher – Fruit n Nut
Atif Aslam - Chocolate
Naresh Iyer – Chocolate Chip
Lucky Ali - Jamaican Choco Fudge
AR Rahman – Belgian Dark Chocolate

Any further suggestions?
Paluke Bangaaramaayena, Kodanda Paani...
Paluke Bangaaramaaye, Pilichinaa Palukavemii...
Kalalo Nee Naama Smarana... Maruva, Chakkani Tandri...
Paluke Bangaaramaayena?

- Ramadasu

Friday, April 04, 2008

neevu achata kushalamaa?

People say, he lived in his mind.
In a universe so complete that it needn't exist, beyond and otherwise.
He never could grasp fully, the overstated importance of physical reality.
Won and lost, he fought his own-self.
Wander at will, he did.
A little ball of wool he had sacredly taken along,
so he could find his way back.

People say, he ventured a little too far.
The little ball slipped and rolled away,
and he never looked back to care.
May be he had, indeed, forgotten to draw the line.
Unreasonable, is the life that is not thankful for itself.
A mistake we all make. A mistake most shouldn't make.
Its home,ergo the bias.
But still...
The land of liberty and Minerva, is the best place to live in the city.
When one makes the transition from the absolutes to the relative,
from the white and blacks to the grays..
It is but natural to yearn for an explanation for the passing down of moral values in absolute terms, color coded in universality and as default .

But may be with the alternative, we would have ended up with a generation of confused souls.
May be its for the best, that relativism remains relegated to the shadowy corners of the private and the personal.
An unnecessary line messes up ten worthy ones.
Blessed I am, for, am ruthless with my scissors.
But there is a particular piece that I had written, long back.
One go,no drafts, no re-writes.
For someone who is most often than not, embarrassed to look back a week into the past, surprisingly, that piece remains as it is.
Haven't been able to chop-off a single word, in six years.
Never ceases to amuse me, that one.
Veliki Raani Verri Prema Kanniiti Dhaara Lona Karugutunnadii.
Naadu Sokamopaleka Nee Gunde Baadhapadithe Raalanannadii.

Kammani Ee Prema Lekhanee Raasindi Hrudayamee.
Priyatamaa, Neevachata Kushalamaa, Nenichata Kushalamee.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

refrained for too long...

The finest lines come in my darkest hours.
How, O lord! have thee cursed me!
Its a curious thing, putting it in words.
It rings of acknowledgment and finality.

Tiny black letters holding mirror to thought.
Tangible now, there's no denial anymore.
Arms up in the air, you sigh an 'alright'!!
Good ol' Birla Mandir on a rainy day...
an exquisite proposition.
Bless the out-of-turn rains in the city.
Chaahe tum kuchh na kaho, maine sun liya
Ki saathi pyaar ka.. mujhe chun liya
Chun liya...
Maine Sun liya.

Movie-Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar
Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri

Found a song that beats this one at its game?
Seldom comes a movie, which can carry the burden of each song being better than the other.
Two come to mind now, Aandhi and Abhimaan.
You are busy sharing this moment with someone,
but have you remembered to live it?
She practiced remaining still, for,the shackles hurt.
Now the handcuffs are gone.
But she isn't sure of motion, anymore.
She refrained, maybe, for too long.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

can no longer judge...

In a quaint village on the other side of the river, there was a flower that blossomed on the morning after a night's rainfall and lasted only for an hour.
It took half a day to reach the hill top. None could tell which evening to start their journey, but, an old man. He gazed all day at the heavens and on some afternoons he broke into an all-knowing smile. Everybody understood and immediately started off to the hill.

"But he is wrong all the time", groaned Jack.
"They have no choice", observed Jill.
"When you are unsure, either you should it all the time or not at all", thought Jack.

Jack then decided that he shall, henceforth, set off every afternoon to the hill. He soon became a hero for the villagers, who did not understand how he managed to get the most flowers.

Summer came. Jack continued his routine.
"But this is summer", said an exasperated Jill.
"I had a choice, to do it all the time or not at all and I chose, didn’t I?” asked Jill.
"But this is summer", said Jill in disbelief.
Jack shrugged, picked his bag up and set off.

Monday, March 17, 2008

no elegant solutions...

Put a pencil to paper, after long.
Literally, that is.
All boo the keyboard age!!
Far removed from the immediate,
a lonely star in the skies fills your conscious.
The blaring sounds of a concert nor the roars of rouge students,
not a sound reaches you.
Lying flat out in a basketball court,
the only light coming from the heavens , you gaze up.
From that little speck of light shrugging away from the rest,
eyes refuse to tear away.
And as if by design, a tiny one manages to leak out of the left eye.
Mujh se pehle kitne shayar, aaye aur aakar chale gaye.
Kuch aahein bhar kar laut gaye, kuch nagmein gaa kar chale gaye.
Woh bhi ek pal ka kissaa the, main bhi ek pal ka kissaa hun.
Kal tum se juda ho ja'uunga, woh aaj tumhaara hissaa hun.

Movie - Kabhie Kabhie
Music - Khayyam
Lyrics - Sahir Ludhianvi
Singer - Mukesh
If in self-doubt,
you are unhealthy company.
Life, Dawkins says... just wants to be.
In the whole drama that ensues...
We forget the bigger picture. Get our priorities wrong.
Chase an ever eluding entity called purpose.
And in general, live in constant narcissist delusion.
There is no elegant solution, for a disturbing problem.
It's donkey work and dirty.
It always is.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

drum roll.. everyone!!!

Since non-compliance for the sake of it, is as bad...
In tune with the season... here's (drum roll...) lets start with presentation ceremony.

Since weekends have flied by... in hope that something worthwhile would throw up in between the channel surfing and the results have been disappointing...
The television-nostalgia award goes to...
"Mile Sur Mera Tumhara.."

The number from grand old Doordarshan, which single handedly showed a generation what diversity in those social text books meant and flaunted the flag of national integration.
For the heart wrenching rendition by the best of singers our country produced.
For its ever memorable cast of Who's Who of the nation. (ok..ok I counted only artists and sportsmen)
For single handedly taking me on a nostalgia trip of DD.

-The mythology (Ramayana, Mahabharatha..)
A TV was put in place in a temple near our home, coz attendance had dropped in those hours.
People actually held their hands together in prayer, when the actor who played Rama appeared on screen. We hear all this in TV shows and read in articles written in remembrance of good old days... Well, I am an eye witness.
-The ad jingles
'Hamara Bajaj'... 'Maan gaye... Aaapki paar ki nazar aur Nirma super... donon ko'
'Lizzath Lizzath Paapad'
-The Comedy, Detective series and the original Soap Operas
Charlie Chaplin, Nonstop Nonsense, Tehkikaat, Bomkesh Bakshi, Junoon, Shanti...
-The ever memorable 'Jungle Book' , 'Duck Tales'
-The songs for kids with animated visuals... 'Saur mandal mein. tim tim karte taarein aneek hain'
-The Saturday night Hindi and Sunday evening Telugu movies
-The Sunday news for hearing impaired
-The five minute Urdu news that immediately followed Telugu news
-The 'Chitrahaar', 'Chitralahari' and the very first music countdown 'Ek Se Badkar Ek'
-The state mourning, when they played absolutely nothing but some classical music.

Just couldn't get enough of it.
Well it did turn an entire generation in to couch potatoes.
Since people are royally caged in their perceptions of themselves.
And sometimes fail to see that even a change is still 'you'.
And all it takes is a simple step in that direction.

(Even if not totally relevant to the above, here goes the next one.)
'The-most-refreshing-line-of-the-season' award to...
"I don't really know the kinda girl I am" - Juno (Ellen Page)
For showing how same old words, a good voice and a catchy beat can make an instant hit.
The 'everything about it sounds familiar but I like this song' award goes to...
Pehli Nazar Mein - Atif Aslam (Movie : Race)
"You should start reading - The Complete Reference To What to Ignore and What not", preached Jack.
"But why"? asked Jill.
"Coz there are only two ways - ignore or react", enlightened Jack.
"What about the third way - have fun?!", enquired Jill.

Because, I agree with Jill.
The award for the 'best comment on this blog' goes to...

Anonymous said...
well i ave gone through your blog and this shit is making me sick.......
why do you try so hard to be incomprehensible..... bull shit..... this is plaguarism at its best.
March 08, 2008 11:37 AM
err... thats it folks, for now. (drum roll...) Commercial break.