Friday, October 31, 2008

Beauty. Speechless. Dream. Sigh.

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Sharad Ragas said...

There is something about watching these huge planets that I do not understand. I saw Jupiter through a telescope a few weeks back, and I did not know what I am supposed to say, after looking at it.. I turned around and said to my friend, "Hm.. Jupiter".

As a celestial enthusiast, could you suggest, what are supposed to appreciate in these sightings? Would help me look more sincere next time. =)

Sharad Ragas said...

Apart from the physical beauty of a life mass, of course?

I said...

We, celestial enthusiasts, are a romantic lot. We allow ourselves to be overcome by these sightings, much too easily.
Can't really tell you what to say, coz I for one, would be speechless.
So, actually I suggest you try 'silence'. Always works. =P

AND appears super-sincere. =)

ravptor said...