Monday, October 13, 2008

jaane kyun dil jaanta hai, tu hain tho I'll be all right

random observations...

-There is something quite inexplicable about listening to jazz on a lonely evening.
-If I were to make a movie, it would definitely be a Drama.
-News and Coffee are addictions that are hard to fight off.
Currently reading – Catch 22
Page after page, I am amazed at how Heller manages to keep it going. A friend of mine once talked about how the rest of Heller’s stuff pale in comparison. I am not surprised. A book like this one can only happen once.

Mr. Joseph Heller, take a bow.
Currently listening to -

Jaane kyun dil jaanta hain... Tu hain tho, I'll be all right.
Tu hain tho tedhi medhi rahein... Ulti pulti baatein, seedhi lagti hain
Tu hain tho jhoothe muthe vaadein...Dushman ke iraade, sache lagtein hain
Jo Dil mein taare vaare de jaga...Woh tu hi hain, tu hi hain.
Jo rothe rothe de hasa... Tu hi hai wohi.

Jaane kyun Dil jaanta hai... Tu hain tho, I'll be all right.

Movie – Dostana
Lyrics - Anvitha Dutt
Singer - Vishal Dadlani
Music - Vishal - Shekar

Correction: Music is by Vishal - Shekar, not SEL

Statutory Warning: Those allergic to things morose, please feel free to stay away.

Awash in thought she reached home,
hoping to wash the day away with a nap.
Jolted out of sleep, desperate for air,
she allowed herself to grasp it fully, only after a second.
It was a dream, she figured.
Only a dream, she tried to tell herself.
Dared to laugh, she would have,
had she not fully comprehended it.
Resting her head on the pillow, she closed her eyes,
waiting for her racing heart to slow down.
She shifted a little to the right, thinking it could help,
then she shifted to the left, hoping it would help.
She then opened her eyes slowly,
and searched for the ceiling lost in the darkness.
There shall be no more sleep for the night, she knew.
The watch said three more hours were to pass,
for another morning to come-by.
Three more, she whispered into the air.
Fresh ears would have sensed fear in those words,
but then, so did her own.
Another morning of aspirin, she almost chuckled,
drawing up the covers a little and closing her eyes.
The To-Read list...

The Last Lecture
Stay Hungry Stay Foolish
Dreams from My Father
Crime and Punishment

I can’t believe I missed out on this for so long. Let me put a comma to my excitement and get straight to the point.
Alice in the Wonderland – *ng Johnny Depp, directed by Tim Burton.
3 favs; together; what more can I ask for?
Just when the idea of Depp in the next Batman movie had started to settle in, this piece of news comes along. O Boy!


sharad ragas said...

loved the poem.

i said...


Leena said...

I pictured it with a sad smile.. the poem, I mean.

O boy! from me too.. for Johnny Depp.

i said...

"I pictured it with a sad smile.."
Mission accomplished, then. :)

Another O boy! from my side. =)