Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mausam ki pehli baarish...

After what has been a trying tyrst with the Capital's heat waves, the much awaited drizzle has soothed many a desperate souls here.

Life is good. Right Here Right Now.
Bas ise ab great banane ke liye garam garam Mirchi Bajji and Jalebi ki zaroorath hain.
Terminator 4 - Salvation
Wolverine - XMen Origins
Star Trek
New York

Friday, June 19, 2009

Delhi Se - Its been a week..

My previous visit to the Rajdhani was typically touristy. This time though its more like an extended holiday; eventhough its work that I have come here to do. And if you ask me this is the best way to discover a city. Go live there, for a month or two.
The walk from the bus stop to home, auto rides, the galli ka kirana store, the children's park around the corner, the bargains - its these that flavor the experience.
I feel at home, in this city. Not sure why. From the moment I landed.
The temperature and pollution here are an issue. But one always finds a way to beat them.
So it was destination Mussoorie - Hrishikesh - Haridwar.
3 of us did the travelling. 8 hours earlier, I had no clue who the other two were and had never laid eyes on them. It is the closest I have come to travelling alone and it makes the whole trip so much cooler.

Reason# 11, why you should go travelling -
to realise how you can will an ailing body to savour the chills of a hill station.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Federer Claims his 14th Slam

A timesonline article on how Federer wanted this victory so much and so badly, that his desire almost destroyed him. Today's was not the same Federer who looked a bundle of nerves in the semi final. This one kept his cool and are we glad he did or what!

There are things we lesser mortals will never understand - like how he must have felt when after claiming the title he stood in attention (to the Swiss anthem being played out) and tears rolled out. It must be nice to want something so badly.

There were champions earlier too ofcourse, but only a choicest few inspire poetry, no?

Friday, June 05, 2009

Federer in French open Final

He is into the finals. But Nadal won't be there and the victory (if achieved) wouldn't taste like it ought to.
It's not really like the good old days, but atleast its something.
Those times were good. You went to bed assured, that however big and bad the world might be, there were things that din't change - Roger Federer Wins. You held on to that precious certainity, clinged to it, for.. it comforted touchy nerves.
Then came along Nadal to threaten the order. We comforted ourselves with a 'this too shall pass'. But no passing storm this, it eventually conquered all - even the sacred grass courts. Its been painful ever since and we slowly went back to being our cynical selves - disenchanted with the ways of world.