Saturday, May 17, 2008

yeh lafz hai, jo aakhir mein, kam pad hii jaatein hain...

"I am over it"
"Yeah, I know"
Both bursted out laughing.
Jack and Jill.
He let her be the stronger one...
That was all he could do,
to keep her from falling apart.
aahein bhar kar, lafzon ko taal diya tha,
zara hans kar, woh lamha kaat diya tha,

magar ab kudh se kahan bhaagein hum?!
yeh kambakth raat kaise kaatein hum?!
duaayein maangi thi berukhi ki..
ab bhi ehsaas se yeh lagaav kyu hai mujhe?

duaayein maangi thi bekhabri ki..
ab bhi mukammal chaahat ki pehchaan kyun hai mujhe?
Hai itna kehne ko, kii khud mein nahi samaatha.
Yeh lafz hai, jo aakhir mein, kam pad hii jaatein hain.


Sharad Ragas said...

Phew. You write poetry in Hindi as well, mucho talento'

I said...

Wrote after a long break. Two years almost.

Sometimes the triteness of it, displeases me though.

ravptor said...

So is it urdu+hindi or the other way round...


I said...

No language expert here. But..
I would say, its Hindi with a little Urdu thrown in.
And anyways.. Hindi and Urdu have always been seamlessly intermingled, for me, thanks to good old hindi movies.
Have to say though... there are certain things, that can only be said in Urdu. Period.
So maybe the urdu words that crop in are a hangover of the shers/ghazals and an urge for the dramatic effect.