Wednesday, March 19, 2008

can no longer judge...

In a quaint village on the other side of the river, there was a flower that blossomed on the morning after a night's rainfall and lasted only for an hour.
It took half a day to reach the hill top. None could tell which evening to start their journey, but, an old man. He gazed all day at the heavens and on some afternoons he broke into an all-knowing smile. Everybody understood and immediately started off to the hill.

"But he is wrong all the time", groaned Jack.
"They have no choice", observed Jill.
"When you are unsure, either you should it all the time or not at all", thought Jack.

Jack then decided that he shall, henceforth, set off every afternoon to the hill. He soon became a hero for the villagers, who did not understand how he managed to get the most flowers.

Summer came. Jack continued his routine.
"But this is summer", said an exasperated Jill.
"I had a choice, to do it all the time or not at all and I chose, didn’t I?” asked Jill.
"But this is summer", said Jill in disbelief.
Jack shrugged, picked his bag up and set off.


Anonymous said...

funny but dont try sooooooo hard

i said...

I am glad someone noticed, how hard I am trying!!!