Wednesday, March 19, 2008

can no longer judge...

In a quaint village on the other side of the river, there was a flower that blossomed on the morning after a night's rainfall and lasted only for an hour.
It took half a day to reach the hill top. None could tell which evening to start their journey, but, an old man. He gazed all day at the heavens and on some afternoons he broke into an all-knowing smile. Everybody understood and immediately started off to the hill.

"But he is wrong all the time", groaned Jack.
"They have no choice", observed Jill.
"When you are unsure, either you should it all the time or not at all", thought Jack.

Jack then decided that he shall, henceforth, set off every afternoon to the hill. He soon became a hero for the villagers, who did not understand how he managed to get the most flowers.

Summer came. Jack continued his routine.
"But this is summer", said an exasperated Jill.
"I had a choice, to do it all the time or not at all and I chose, didn’t I?” asked Jill.
"But this is summer", said Jill in disbelief.
Jack shrugged, picked his bag up and set off.

Monday, March 17, 2008

no elegant solutions...

Put a pencil to paper, after long.
Literally, that is.
All boo the keyboard age!!
Far removed from the immediate,
a lonely star in the skies fills your conscious.
The blaring sounds of a concert nor the roars of rouge students,
not a sound reaches you.
Lying flat out in a basketball court,
the only light coming from the heavens , you gaze up.
From that little speck of light shrugging away from the rest,
eyes refuse to tear away.
And as if by design, a tiny one manages to leak out of the left eye.
Mujh se pehle kitne shayar, aaye aur aakar chale gaye.
Kuch aahein bhar kar laut gaye, kuch nagmein gaa kar chale gaye.
Woh bhi ek pal ka kissaa the, main bhi ek pal ka kissaa hun.
Kal tum se juda ho ja'uunga, woh aaj tumhaara hissaa hun.

Movie - Kabhie Kabhie
Music - Khayyam
Lyrics - Sahir Ludhianvi
Singer - Mukesh
If in self-doubt,
you are unhealthy company.
Life, Dawkins says... just wants to be.
In the whole drama that ensues...
We forget the bigger picture. Get our priorities wrong.
Chase an ever eluding entity called purpose.
And in general, live in constant narcissist delusion.
There is no elegant solution, for a disturbing problem.
It's donkey work and dirty.
It always is.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

drum roll.. everyone!!!

Since non-compliance for the sake of it, is as bad...
In tune with the season... here's (drum roll...) lets start with presentation ceremony.

Since weekends have flied by... in hope that something worthwhile would throw up in between the channel surfing and the results have been disappointing...
The television-nostalgia award goes to...
"Mile Sur Mera Tumhara.."

The number from grand old Doordarshan, which single handedly showed a generation what diversity in those social text books meant and flaunted the flag of national integration.
For the heart wrenching rendition by the best of singers our country produced.
For its ever memorable cast of Who's Who of the nation. (ok..ok I counted only artists and sportsmen)
For single handedly taking me on a nostalgia trip of DD.

-The mythology (Ramayana, Mahabharatha..)
A TV was put in place in a temple near our home, coz attendance had dropped in those hours.
People actually held their hands together in prayer, when the actor who played Rama appeared on screen. We hear all this in TV shows and read in articles written in remembrance of good old days... Well, I am an eye witness.
-The ad jingles
'Hamara Bajaj'... 'Maan gaye... Aaapki paar ki nazar aur Nirma super... donon ko'
'Lizzath Lizzath Paapad'
-The Comedy, Detective series and the original Soap Operas
Charlie Chaplin, Nonstop Nonsense, Tehkikaat, Bomkesh Bakshi, Junoon, Shanti...
-The ever memorable 'Jungle Book' , 'Duck Tales'
-The songs for kids with animated visuals... 'Saur mandal mein. tim tim karte taarein aneek hain'
-The Saturday night Hindi and Sunday evening Telugu movies
-The Sunday news for hearing impaired
-The five minute Urdu news that immediately followed Telugu news
-The 'Chitrahaar', 'Chitralahari' and the very first music countdown 'Ek Se Badkar Ek'
-The state mourning, when they played absolutely nothing but some classical music.

Just couldn't get enough of it.
Well it did turn an entire generation in to couch potatoes.
Since people are royally caged in their perceptions of themselves.
And sometimes fail to see that even a change is still 'you'.
And all it takes is a simple step in that direction.

(Even if not totally relevant to the above, here goes the next one.)
'The-most-refreshing-line-of-the-season' award to...
"I don't really know the kinda girl I am" - Juno (Ellen Page)
For showing how same old words, a good voice and a catchy beat can make an instant hit.
The 'everything about it sounds familiar but I like this song' award goes to...
Pehli Nazar Mein - Atif Aslam (Movie : Race)
"You should start reading - The Complete Reference To What to Ignore and What not", preached Jack.
"But why"? asked Jill.
"Coz there are only two ways - ignore or react", enlightened Jack.
"What about the third way - have fun?!", enquired Jill.

Because, I agree with Jill.
The award for the 'best comment on this blog' goes to...

Anonymous said...
well i ave gone through your blog and this shit is making me sick.......
why do you try so hard to be incomprehensible..... bull shit..... this is plaguarism at its best.
March 08, 2008 11:37 AM
err... thats it folks, for now. (drum roll...) Commercial break.

Friday, March 07, 2008

see silence...

There are environmental variables.
They take different values for different people.
Some account for star alignment and others for luck.
A keen look around at people and their variable values,
it can be quite humbling...
We balm our pretentious selves with illusions of control.
We even settle for a semblance of it.
But dare not we, accept our helplessness.
I switch on the lights...
the first thing I do, as I enter unlocking the front door.
music blaring from my headphones...
I look around the lit space and see silence all around.
tu dhoop hai, cham se phigal
tu hain nadi, o bekhabar
beh chal kahin..
udd chal kahin..
dil kush jahaan,
apni tho manzil hai wahi.

Movie- Taare Zameen Par
Lyrics- Prasoon Joshi
Music- SEL
hang on there,
just a little longer.
coz things will get better,
they always do.