Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Symbolism - Isn't it quite a thing?

Obama won. And you can have a look at the papers... here.
And I find myself pondering over the very thing which the results have mandated as a non-issue. Yes, race.
The results show, ‘it’s the economy, stupid’. That and Iraq + Bush.
True. But in spite of all that, to have the race issue relegated to the shadows I think is quite remarkable.

To go from white-only seats in public places to electing an African-American as the President – in living memory. Isn’t it quite a thing?

I have read a news report about an African-American, who remembers what it’s like to have dogs set after you and to be beaten up for daring to vote. Today he listens to a black man deliver a presidential election victory speech. Isn’t it quite a thing?

Symbolism has great potency. And not just to prep-up the rhetoric.

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