Saturday, October 11, 2008

wat u up2?

-Watched a play.
The president is coming. A political satire by Q Theater Productions.
Thanks to The Hindu group, the Hyderabad Theater Fest has now become an annual affair.
Fun, it was. Witty dialogues, exciting characters, a generous dose of irony et al.

-Asked Ramu a question.
You say.."I am liar". Can one really reach a state of complete moral indifference (to oneself)?
He replied... "I did".

-Watched movies like
Chintakaayala Ravi
Singh is King
Laaga Chunari Mein Daag
Er, yes... I sometimes do that. Watch such movies.

-Followed the match.
Yes, India vs Australia.


sharad ragas said...

Does nt it getting tiring after a while, if one continues to question about morality and objectivity and all that? Its not like people know the answers around here. =)

i said...

When tired we take a coffee break, do something else for a while and then get back if the topic continues to interest.

Personally though, objectivity might cease to interest me, but not morality. Atleast as far as I can forsee.

And ofcourse people don't know the answers.If someone did, he/she would have written a book that'd sell like hotdogs and made millions by now. =P