Friday, November 24, 2006


This final year thing can sometimes do funny things to you.

One inevitably looks back....
Choices and decisions, both made and otherwise..
and forward too....

and then there are the people,
one of them is celebrating her 21st birthday today ....
So here goes....

Happy birthday to you, tra la lalall la....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Impaired and Retarded

First let me clarify, this post has nothing to do with the physically and mentally challenged individuals. I have enomorous respect for such people who defy all odds , give their all and strive to live a normal life, which others take so easily for granted.This post is, however not about them.So, if you are here because google has thrown this page in one of your searches, then sorry, you are in the wrong place.

So here goes....

Unhappy with the lack of a complete and comprehensive classification of the homo sapiens on the behavioural and related fronts, I take it upon myself, this daunting task. The following list is neither complete nor compehensive, but a modest and earnest attempt all the same, at just a part of the infinite whole.

socially impaired..

Now, here you can trust me with, actually 'knowing what I am talking about'. Because this is the category that fits me like a glove.
Ok, so these are the people who think that, its a 'God's cruel little joke' on them, whenever they find themselves in a situation that demands social interaction.

Why God why? why me? is what you will hear, if you are good at mind-reading, when they have to speak. Whatever one might say,this is a cruel world and one does face such a nightmarish situation. And these people will tell you, how true the previous line is.
They wear the 'What do you know?! you can never understand.You can talk.' look.

As in every case, there are furthers sub-cases.Though a full length insight into this next level classification is beyond the scope of this post, I will however, outline it , for my readers sake.
(how very kind of me!)
those who wear an eternal frown on their foreheads and look upon every normal being with a ' Oh! social interaction be damned.You people just dont have anything worthwhile to do'.

the reasonable others who accept the fact and take their little sadness to grave. These occasionally, when they let-go themselves a bit, bear a look of longing and 'oh! how I wish, I were like you' at the random chatter-box.

c)the unruffled ones.Those who do not notice any difference and dont give a damn, even if they do.They give a 'zeesh! Get a life!' look, if they happen to read this post.

Pollock is gone, thanks to Sachin's catch and I have to go and watch the match now! So the further classification has to wait.


Monday, November 20, 2006

I did..

-not sleep for the last 34 hours and 1 minute.
-write 4 of those JNTU examinations.
-get convinced that Rehman is simply too good- for the nth time.
-get pissed off with the whole concept of Btech.
-rediscover that I am socially impaired, completely.
-convinced that only Unnikrishnan could have sung that 'O cheliya' track from premikudu.
-wish two of my friends, 'All the best' , for their CAT.
-know all these days that the only thing on my mind, when in social company is to runaway, be alone
- realize later that there is nothing much I can do about it.... even when suddenly, right in the middle of a social conversation, I find out that Bhagwanji decides to take away my capacity to even utter those 'fillers' really?, yeah, true!,Aha,hmm!!!
the word filler to indicate, what one does when people look at you,expectantly, for some sought of input,some acknowledgment,compliment or atleast critique.
-see Edward Scissorhands,found it to be shamelessly and unabashedly surreal.
-also see, The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. Kate didnot look weird in blue hair.
-no, will see Requiem For a Dream tonight.
-notice that Russel Crowe, is a funny guy afterall and yeah decent mimicry.(Saw Jay Leno's)
-sincerely believe that he must have been, one hell of an orator. Saw a show about him on TV, Martin Luther King Jr.
-fall,hook line and sinker for his lines.......

"Hope for a day, when you woudnt be judged by the colour of your skin, but the content of your character".
"Live,we shall like brothers Or die fighting, like fools".

-read somewhere about: the common crowd liking nothing better than to see a hero fail.....
-and do believe instead that, there is a part in each of us that exults at the triumph of the human spirit, irrespective of , whether one identifies with the person or the cause.
Its always in fashion and relevant.

P.S:the last few lines are the result of a hangover of the show- The legends,Icons &Super Stars of the 20th century. This particular episode on Martin Luther king Jr, Mother Theresa, Helen Keller.
Did I mention.... I adore the 'voice over' guys at Discovery. They have a good&functional larynx.