Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I miss the maroon

I fell for this, some three years ago. And I am yet to get over it. Has the typical 'lungs bereft of air' effect on me, this. Every single time.
Ladies and Gentlemen, here's presenting you Kenny G.
I like doing my own installations. The set up, configuration - the whole deal. With an overdose of everything Windows these days, I miss Red Hat.
I miss the maroon. Sorely so.
Take the list of songs that have been adorned with 'classic' status and chances are, you will find more than a few sad songs in there.
The greatest stories ever told: many have been tragedies.
So, what is it about them, that makes them click?
Lets keep aside the junta whose reason behind appreciating the above, is tainted with the word 'identification'. Perfectly happy people are also amongst ardent followers; why?
People do it knowing that it is going to end sadly; Why?
I read somewhere about a theory that went something like this: people enjoy them coz they are looking for assurance that they are capable of being emotionally moved.
So is that all?
You watch/read the sad stories because the tear that rolls down, blankets your fears of being emotionally barren?
The lump in your throat is your passport to the land of 'sensitive'?
Only if you were a residential college student in intermediate, would you share my emotion when I say 'movie night'.
Each one is a tale of how perfectly decent and studious girls turn wild. Complete with larynx tearing shout-fest, the collective sound of a hundred writing pads being fist-banged, the customary flight of torn papers et al.
Once out of the college, it takes a while to adjust to the civility of watching a movie in a public theatre. Its been long, since. And I don't even remember the last time I was tempted to get loud or break into a real applause.
A curious thing happened last weekend though, while watching 'The Dark Knight' in Imax.
Those of you who have watched it, will recollect the scene where the Joker's truck flips over- a full 180 degrees. I gasped, overcome with this rush to clap and memories from yesteryears flooded through. I was just about to collect myself and half the theatre broke into an applause.
It was nice.
The couple who wanted to abort their 26-week-old foetus after tests and reports showed that the baby has a congenital heart defect, have their plea rejected by the High Court.
Law can't be amended, it seems.
Whoz gonna answer for all the suffering that the child and its parents will have to go through? They could have easily gone to any of illegal abortion centres.
Now being punished are they, for seeking legal sanction?

I hope though, that the media will stay out of this one. The disaster of Aarushi's murder case coverage still fresh in mind, I really hope these people are left alone.
Don't want anymore 'making a national spectacle' of someone's personal life.
A happy accident.
Discovering Stephen Fry's blog and his Dork Talk in The Guardian.
You know the capacity of a medium like Internet to keep you entertained is directly proportional to the number of things that you derive fun from.
Wider your range, greater the possibility.
"But you never tell me anything", complained Jack.
"That's coz there is nothing that I can't tell you", answered Jill.
"What are you, 8?" : Jack rolling his eyes.
"No, you always forget. I am 7", laughed Jill.


Sharad Ragas said...

There s this TV show featuring Stephen Fry, called Q.I. Quite interesting!

Anonymous said...

"You know the capacity of a medium like Internet to keep you entertained is directly proportional to the number of things that you derive fun from.
Wider your range, greater the possibility."


Uncle scrooge(...lol....)

i said...

@Uncle scrooge
I expected you to 'get' it. LOL.

Anonymous said...

lol....i was meant to get it...A is A remeber....