Monday, February 15, 2010

far and few

Sometimes it's almost like a bet on who can get more morose.
Funny thing this - blogging.
And somedays you wake up like a feather.
Taut and tight, the head neither heavy nor too light.
Like I said once before, the spring in your step matches the smile on your lips.

Guess it helps that the previous night was well spent... around a campfire and under a star studded sky... far far away from the city lights, bang in the middle of a jungle.
I'd say a good followup would be a lazy late morning stroll in the jeep beaten jungle tracks, after a cup of coffee. Not to forget - the coffee has to come from the surrounding plantation - to complete the effect.

FYI - the place is Coorg.
A big BIG recommendation - am ol' brit series called Yes Minister!
This is why my friend says he likes the Manmohan Singh's govt.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

all and none

Somedays you wake up wrong,
The first dose of consciousness - full of confusion.
A blindfolded grope for whats amiss and you are no wiser.
Lots of clues and smart guesses later, you still have nothing you can put a finger to.

I wonder about it all day, wandering across the hall lit with the lazy sunday afternoon sun.
And now I go to bed, still scratching my head.
What can it be, afterall? The stuff I dreamt about last night or the thought I woke up with?