Sunday, May 27, 2007


Since I haven't been this happy about a post of mine in 'recent times' wait, I think the word is 'ever'....
Since this is my blog and I can post anything I want... for any number of times...
Here goes...

a very non-inviting CLICK ME

I know.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


pieces of 'unused-since-ages' cloth..
a 'real' pair of scissors, the kind which fit nice and full in your hand.
a borrowed set of sewing essentials.
and ME. get 3 'oh-the-big-word' designed and sewed pieces of clothing, which with little bit of imagination and mixing n matching transform into 4-5 dresses.
Now I have grown ambitious. Mom is worried because she doesn't quite like that look when I have a scissor in hand, forever wondering which innocent piece of cloth is the next victim.
I watch the 'Runway Project'.

Afterall leisure does take its toll..

Movies: Dhee,Notes on a Scandal, Munich,Walk the Line, Monty Python and the Holy Grail Closer,Spiderman3.
Wanna read soon: A Suitable Boy, Orange is not the only fruit, Shantaram.

Some nice- yes -things happening...
People saying things like these.... The man himself must have cringed inwardly as he spoke few of those lines.
China rejects visa to a IAS from Arunachal Pradesh citing that he is their citizen. Such love.

Song: roz shaam ati....magar aisi na thi., roz roz ghata chaathi thi...magar aisi na thi
Favourite word: delusion
Caught-my-fancy: a certain 'Wang' , participant in Indian Idol (and no, I don't vote).


Monday, May 21, 2007

Why I love the Danes...

Have you ever been overcome with emotion, you could hardly contain within...
Has something made you utter a mute oh my god...OH my God... suddenly bereft of air to breathe.
Since this is just a 'beat-around-the-bush' way of screaming 'I did-I did' (*hand shot up in the air) , I will fire away....

I picked up The Hindu this morning err..alright, afternoon it is, to read yet another 'he-is-from-pluto' review of Roger Federer when something else caught my eye ...

The late-risers hit back ...- my eyes narrowed, I decided to read on.

Sleepyheads are up in arms thanks to a Danish campaign... -
always knew they had the gumption, I tell myself.

They are called many things-"lazy," "unproductive," "lacking in ambition,"- but late risers are starting to fight back. Long the butt of demeaning office jokes, sleepyheads are officially up in arms thanks to a Danish campaign to stop the "tyranny of early risers" - and I almost choked.

The Owl has the right to say"'Give me the late riser's rhythm at work,at home and in society" trumpets the B-Society website, a movement against the Danish 8 am to 4 pm working culture."Let me come to work at 11a.m and go home at 8 pm.Let me have quiet mornings to read my newspaper and ease into the day gently and peacefully." - and I almost cried.

The extreme Owls form a good 10% of the population.B-society has packed quite a punch, attracting around 4,800 members in only 4 months. - always knew I wasn't alone.

The Danish Minister for family affairs,has thrown her weight behind the campaign saying:" we all live better if our existence is not constantly dictated by an alarm clock."- the Danes choose wisely.

"We've had temendous success", agrees founder Camilla Kring."We now have a B-high school with classes starting at noon.Sweden has its own movement,Finland and Norway should soon follow and there's been huge global interest."- I tighten my fist, 'yes'.

An individual's prefernce for early/late rising is as genetically determined as eye or hair colour. Far from stereotyping of people who cannot get out of bed in the morning as lazy sods, it is all down to different circadian rhythms.Scientists have long known that early risers have genetic differences (variation in the version of a gene called Period 3) leading to physiological differences. - wipe away a tear from my left eye,I knew there was nothing wrong with me.

early rising puts the body under great stress due to high cortisol levels.This can damage brain cells and lead to premature senility.Lazy lie-ins,they say, are the key to good health. - an almost evil glint in my eyes,'huh'.

This is the most happy piece of news since a certain Mr.Nehru hoisted a flag at midnight on the Red fort.

(*in a low husky voice that is almost a whisper, a set jaw, a tight fist,eyes moist,a knot in the chest amd narrowed eyes)

Brethren..our time has finally come. Let us stand united in our sacred cause.
Let us show them that,'We will not go silently into the night.We will not go down without a fight'.
'This is it, we take no more',we shall proclaim and put an end to the "tyranny of the early risers".

P.S:Itlalicized part from 'The Hindu' and a couple of lines from the 'Independence Day' movie.

Still nothing...

the nautanki me.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

yeah right!

This country has turned in to a bloody breeding ground for intolerance.
If anything can spell doom... it is intolerance.
With their deluded sense of cause... self proclaimed torch-bearers of faith, culture and social justice....
Oh crap.... may be I should just remember DiCaprio's - "When was the last time the world wasn't falling apart?"

To re-visit some happy's a pic.

Laid eyes on the Martina Navratilova.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

One down..

Been to a Violin concert yesterday..

Amazing, it was.
Liked 'Vataapy Ganapathym bhaje...' & 'Kondalalo Nelakonna..' best.

Must be few inches taller than the bow itself,but... oh my God..
If anybody in the 50 strong contingent of students performing there had a maestro look about him/ was this kid. Just another day at the office look...absolutely.
He seemed the most unaffected of the lot...completely at ease. Not a single wrong note and flawless bow movement..(fully in- sync with the done-it-all senior students sitting in front) .
Oh he was such a treat to watch... I mean the bow looked like an extension of his arm( did I just plagiarize??). it in dancers and their moves or movement of the bows in unison.. makes it a treat to watch.
Apart from the musical element...made a good visual spectacle as well..the concert.
Damn, I did not take my camera along. In my defence... I went there directly after giving my final( the final) B-tech examination.

So, one less thing to do before I grace the heavens.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Archies calling...

Yes,I have been taking some very Archie-ish photographs lately.
Now that I am writing about it, I remember...

We had big plans for the time we were going to spend in the college of our dreams.
We had a master plan.. it was was going to be the desert college's first in house greeting card business. Of course we had plans for expansion later but we decided to start with the soft targets.We were to play different roles and share the profits. Finance was always the problem but we would figure a way around.
Such and such..we thought 'desert extravaganza', flipping through the brochure.. apart from the music-drama-dance-photography club things, bicycle rides, guys, mental flashes of them all..
(me) finding a part time job,any job,in the observatory..
Well,there was also a list of the recruting companies somewhere in the rear.
It was was silly. the way I almost forgot..
yours truly- the lines (Yes, I did flatter myself so).
C - the photos.
K - the accounts.
M - Sales & Marketing.

Results came...