Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kya keh ke gaya tha, shaayar woh sayaana

It's a shame that history is taught the way it is, in school. It is much like a conscious attempt to strip us of any little interest we might be harbouring towards it. Back then, it was a chore; it was about memorizing names with silly roman numbers after them and god-knows-how-many battles and the years they were fought. The sole aim - to remember long enough to pass the exams. No one cared thereafter. But history can be made so much more interesting, something that I have discovered outside the social studies text book.

If it were not for the knowledge of what transpired in yesteryears, how could we ever hope to answer the 'why' of things happening today.

Anyways, the Middle-East is on boil again. If you are done following the traditional media coverage, here is where you should head to, if you, as Lustig says "want to know what bloggers in Gaza and Israel are saying about current Israeli military operations there, rather than just reading what people thousands of miles away think about them".


Kya keh ke gaya tha, shaayar woh sayaana,
Aag ka dariya, doob ke jaana.
Tu sabar tho kar mere yaar,
Zara saans tho le dildaar.
Chal phikr nu goli maar yaar,
Hai din zindadi de char.

Lyrics – Jaideep Sahani
Music – Salim Sulaiman
Movie – Rab ne bana di jodi
New year resolutions and all that is done to death. Lets talk predictability. Do you know how the new year is gonna be for you? How much of it is going to be as planned and laid out? Or are you in for a wild ride?


Sharad Ragas said...

I see a big blank black screen when I try to see the year ahead.. is that a good thing?

Btw, what is the song called?

Chaitanya said...

Since when hav we started trusting in our predictions??;)

i said...

It is SRK's haule haule number.

chair-persons of cynics society, we might be. But '31' on the calender still does weird things to you, I guess. =P

Leena said...

happy new year

i said...

Happy New Year :)

Chaitanya said...

Tats ok...we always hav Calvin to inspire flexibility on 1st!!