Saturday, May 16, 2009

UPA wins

For the numbers, some really cool graphics representing them, constituency wise results and just about everything, you can go here.
The UPA alliance put up a performance that must have surprassed even its own most optimistic estimates.
UPA - 262. NDA - 157.
Thanks to the results I hear sighs of relief all around, not so much because UPA won but because someone won. A badly fractured verdict was every body's biggest fear and most are happy that UPA's been given a clear mandate.
Mostly because it is still fresh in the minds how the coalition partners (esp DMK and Left) wielded disproportionate power in policy decisions, last time around.
But one wonders if all the euphoria on this government being shackle-free misplaced? After all, the DMK is still going to be a part of the govt. And if the Left is out, Mamata Banerjee is in.
Will the Congress party's strong individual performance (206 seats) lend enough weight to its voice so as to keep the regional/smaller parties in their place?

-Congress + Trinamool Congress make surprising inroads into the Left bastion in West Bengal.
-DMK proves most exit-polls wrong in Tamil Nadu.
-Congress must have surprised itself with its performance in UP. Rahul Gandhi proves his mettle in the harsh and rugged political landscape of Uttar Pradesh?!
-YSR delivers Andhra Pradesh to Congress, safe and sound. Both Lok Sabha and Assembly.
-LK Advani loses out on what maybe his last shot at being the PM of the country.

-I am glad that we managed to avoid a hung assembly.
-Relieved that KCR and TRS go further down the road of being irrelevant. Thank God for that.
-Happy that Jai Prakash Narayana won from Kukatpally. It is the only seat that Lok Satta won, but that is hardly a surprise. One look at the party wise break up of the votes polled in various constituencies, especially in Hyderabad, should give him and his party enough hope to carry on for the next five years. Cheers to that!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

one more down the list...

'Get a Guiness World Record' must surely be a part of every random things-to-do-before-you-die lists, I say. And on last Sunday, I went ahead and got one.
So what if I was one of the 160000 people who made the record, I have it in my name alright!
If there were professional singers and students of music, there were also coarse tones, wrong pitches and those fumbling to strike the right tune. What was endearing though, was how all of it blended seamlessly resulting in a goose-bumps inducing experience.

What we sang were some of most popular keerthanas of Annamacharya.
1. Bhaavamulona, Bahyamunandunu
2. Brahma Kadigina Padamu
3. Entamatramuna Evvaru
4. Podugantimayya
5. Kondalalo Nelakonna Koneti Rayudu
6. Narayanathe Namo
7. Muddugare yashoda
The final phase of General Elections - 2009 concludes today.
Counting starts on May 16 and the exit-poll buzz from tonight.
Most predict a hung verdict, so 16th ain't gonna throw any sure victors. It will all come down to what is being called the sixth phase of this election, the frantic post-poll horse trading.
But that is far off, what beckon me now to the idiot box are those lit studios and analysts clad in fancy suits somehow trying to make sense out of the mess that Indian politics is.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Its only right that the I document the last leg of this journey from a net center in the station, waiting to catch my train that will take me back home.

2 days.
Of - No Television. No Laptop. No internet. No work. No traffic snarls. (almost) No mobile.
Of - Really long walks in the night. Old-school type picnics. Roads lined with scary ancient trees. Bike rides at 2 AM. Plain lazying around. Sitting bang in the middle of a road. Lying down under welcoming trees. Chasing dogs away. Snail-paced time. Pure air. Awesome climate. Old memories. New experiences. Uncertain future and an ambivalent past.

Reason# 9 - why you should go traveling.
Coz you get to meet some pretty amazing people while you are at it.
I have in fact just now said my farewell to one such lady.