Friday, June 20, 2008

because somebody wrote Iris Simpkins...

I have heard someone wonder about the US presidential election generating buzz, like never before, here in India. I don't know if much has changed except the advent of 24X7 news channels, but at least I have been, to some extent, following the US elections since the infamous 'The one which Al Gore lost'. That was nothing short of twenty20 bowl-out.
I remember rooting for him; for no apparent reason though. Now that I think about it, may be it had something to do with, him looking more presidential than Bush. Yeah, that must have been it.
Today in the age of 24X7 news reporting and in many ways... US and India more closely alligned than ever before, maybe the interest shouldn't come as a surprise. But I also think, its because we, like everybody else love symbolism. Forget about what it would translate into, in terms of concrete reality, you gotta agree that... it makes great news lines.
"A Woman and an African American" running for the democratic ticket, in a year when the democrats were heavily tipped to win. Its just too good to resist..ain' it?
Heck, I would have loved to draft that headline, if I were the editor.

I have to confess, I was totally smitten by the primary season.
True, there are calls within US to get-over the arcane and complicated process. But if you ask me, it was democracy at its vibrant best. All the campaigning, media debates, opening up to the public, to rigorous scrutiny, to questions... it was great. Contrast that with our political system, where we have criminal record holding ministers sitting in the parliament and you will see what I mean. When you see them being held accountable for each bill they voted for and against, each word they uttered, it doesn't take much to see how easily our folks get by.
One thing though, I just don't get all this parade-your-family thing. Why do they have to hug and kiss their partners and profess their love for the kids? I think we are better off, in this department. Rotten our politics maybe, but there is a line that people don't cross here.
The personal is never in the limelight, thankfully. The media might have started getting enthusiastic about it, but it is atleast not part of the campaigns till now.
Also, coming to actual election procedure, me thinks ours is more centralized, direct and simple, don't you think?!
Meanwhile there are signs of the govt finally summing up enough courage to snub the left and go ahead with the IAEA talks.
But will it go all the way? Will dhamkis like these suffice?
Is it already too late?
Has Bush enough time left, to get it done?
*narrowed eyes and mapping delicate patterns on my chin.
We ain't gonna go nowhere with these coalition governments, I tell you!
Here are two recommendations :
Justin Webb - BBC's North America Editor
For nice coverage of the elections and for providing fantastic links to further browse.
If it's your kinda humor, you will find it hilarious.
About the title.... for now, I think a 'I love the character' should suffice.
Its from 'The Holiday' bytheway, for the uninitiated.


Sharad Ragas said...

I still dont get it.. other than "we heart Iris Simpkins", what does she have to do with the American presidential race? =)

I said...

Since when did my titles start having something to do with the actual post?? =P