Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reason#17 - Why you should go travelling

So you can capture these - sights, scenes and the signs.
Marooned on a windy island, for too long.
Time locked in a freezing sunset, for an eternity.
Cutting through every breath, the unforgiving air.

The warm sun on my cheek today, a queer stranger.
Fluttered and unsettled, can I contain it My love?

-Jill finished it with "The joy and the shock".
We console ourselves in curious ways.
With time, we whisper in our ears, it will be OK.
Do we have a backup option left though,
when the hour-glass unmasks a pitiless face?
AR Rehman won the Golden Globe.
I hope he'd bag the Oscar too.

Am I the only one who pleasantly marvels at how similar Sachin and Rehman are?!
For a hero hungry nation, what better role models can one ask for?
They are both ofcourse, amongst other things, short, shy, soft-spoken and come with a 'cute till 80' warranty.
Obama's inaguration ceremony speech - I agree with the general verdict out there.
There was punch and spunk, oh yeah. But in his delivery and not the words.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How predictable can you get?

Lots of list-making happens, at this time of the year. Don't we all love lists?
Anyways, here's pointing you to lists of 2008:
-Ten best news from the Muslim world.
-Ten things we did right.
-Ten most undercovered stories.
-Actually, let me point you to the baap of all lists. Top 10 Everything of 2008.
-Movies I liked: Wall-E. Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye. Welcome to Sajjanpur. Rock On. The Dark Knight (Solely for Ledger's performance).

2009. Young it might be, but it's 'big, best and most':
-Predictable thing that has happened : Pak says Mumbai evidence provided by India is not credible. Really, did anyone not see this coming?
-Trailer out : Masakalli Masakalli. Sonam Kapoor is totally Wow.
-Catchy phrase : Emossional Atyaachaar. Alright the song was out late in 2008. But Time mein kya rakha hain, bhaavnaon ko samjho.
-Awaited : a Federer victory.
-Stories that will continue: Isreal - Hamas, India - LeT and SriLanka - LTTE.