Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thoroughly amused...

Here we go again...
Rock On
Welcome to Sajjanpur
Welcome to Sajjanpur is a movie that deserves more than just a mention. If you paused to think about how the movie is while watching it, does it mean that the movie just isn't holding on to your attention enough? I guess not always.
Welcome to Sajjanpur had me thinking "Hey this is working for me" even while I was watching it.
Proof that it worked for me: Coz I
-thought "Aaayi ab Munni ki baari" is super catchy.
-guessed those words before they played out on screen.
-was lip-syncing the line while watching it and humming it afterwards.
-would have gladly joined in their dance had I been a Sajjanpur-wasi.
-actually felt sorry for Munni Bai when she stands distressed in front of Mahadev's front door.
-thought Ila Arun was fantastic.
-am game to have a protagonist with lots of grey shades, who doesn't let you like him easily.
-was relieved that I could finally like him without guilt, once he sets things right.
-am glad the movie is not some village exotica packaged for the NRIs or sheher ke youth - jino ne aaj tak gaon nahi dekha.
-found it all... so very charming.
Hardly a day gets by - aaj kal - without a blast somewhere.
And we all heave a helpless sigh and walk further down the road of desensitization.
Jill drank some water.
Jack drank some water.
Jill drank some more water.
Jack drank some more water.

P.S : er.. don't bother with the above, if you don't get it. It's a private joke.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

because the Swiss know how to make chocolate...

The truly trivial and the nearly spectacular, chapter 3 - A comfortable couch, 'Catcher in the Rye' in hand and a Toblerone.
The Swiss know how to make chocolate. Period.
When you do a lot of living inside your head, you might end up mouthing stuff like - "all emotion is overrated".
There is one though, that has not disappointed yet. Vindication.
Like I said earlier, sweet are the waters of vindication.
"I don't like the last line of a book", announced Jack.
Jill stopped swinging her leg over the park bench and looked at him.
"Funny, I did not know you liked commas at the end of a story", said Jill.
"I wish for it to never end".
"But you have no say in that".
"I like to have sequels".
"But this story has to end".
"How do you like your stories?" asked Jack, stopping too.
"Oh, with a full-stop the size of a golf ball", answered Jill and got back to her swinging.
Going through my older posts, I found one that talked about people and their environment variables. How the values differ from person to person and how one oughta feel humbled after taking a careful peek at others.
Today, I'd say :
Fret not, dear. Coz, when life sits down to judge you, it ain't gonna read someone else's preface.
I am not much into revolutionary literature. But a line is a line.
There are lines... and then there are lines like these.
"Nenu saitham prapanchaagni ki samidhanu okkati aahuthi ichanu".
-Sri Sri
Simply in a league of its own.