Friday, April 04, 2008

neevu achata kushalamaa?

People say, he lived in his mind.
In a universe so complete that it needn't exist, beyond and otherwise.
He never could grasp fully, the overstated importance of physical reality.
Won and lost, he fought his own-self.
Wander at will, he did.
A little ball of wool he had sacredly taken along,
so he could find his way back.

People say, he ventured a little too far.
The little ball slipped and rolled away,
and he never looked back to care.
May be he had, indeed, forgotten to draw the line.
Unreasonable, is the life that is not thankful for itself.
A mistake we all make. A mistake most shouldn't make.
Its home,ergo the bias.
But still...
The land of liberty and Minerva, is the best place to live in the city.
When one makes the transition from the absolutes to the relative,
from the white and blacks to the grays..
It is but natural to yearn for an explanation for the passing down of moral values in absolute terms, color coded in universality and as default .

But may be with the alternative, we would have ended up with a generation of confused souls.
May be its for the best, that relativism remains relegated to the shadowy corners of the private and the personal.
An unnecessary line messes up ten worthy ones.
Blessed I am, for, am ruthless with my scissors.
But there is a particular piece that I had written, long back.
One go,no drafts, no re-writes.
For someone who is most often than not, embarrassed to look back a week into the past, surprisingly, that piece remains as it is.
Haven't been able to chop-off a single word, in six years.
Never ceases to amuse me, that one.
Veliki Raani Verri Prema Kanniiti Dhaara Lona Karugutunnadii.
Naadu Sokamopaleka Nee Gunde Baadhapadithe Raalanannadii.

Kammani Ee Prema Lekhanee Raasindi Hrudayamee.
Priyatamaa, Neevachata Kushalamaa, Nenichata Kushalamee.



Sharad Ragas said...

1. This has to be my favorite post in this two year old blog.
2. We always said Himayatnagar was the original land of liberty.. am glad some more people agree.
3. I really had/have no idea what Ctrl R does on this keyboard (or any other for that matter).
4. Another song I so fondly remember from my childhood. I think I knew all the lyrics of that one. Can't for the love of God remember a handful now.
5. Yes.

Like I said, loved this post.

i said...

1.Its been two years ??!! Damn it, Yes!!!
2.More the merrier. :)
3.Well, I went into a overdrive there... hoping a single word 'Refresh/Reload' to speak for itself. (so, Ctrl+R=Refresh)
4.It was a hot favourite too. Rediscoverd recently. :)

ravptor said...