Monday, April 14, 2008

we celebrate indulgence here...

A blogger and an US Presidential candidate!
My guess is, you never really appreciated to the fullest, the similarity between the both.
Ron Fournier says: A person must be more than a little self-important to wake up one day and say, ‘I belong in the Oval Office.’
A blogger wakes up one day and says: 'I shall find an audience for the -I saw a movie yesterday and ate spaghetti - lines'.
Such... er, exhibitionism?!
Many make a case for looking at a man's work and his personality/private life independently.
Its a shame that not many are interested in the personality quirks of people who have flirted with greatness and have their names taken in the same breath as events that changed our world forever.
TIME says, one could sum up the political history of the last century in the form of biographies of leaders like Roosevelt, Lenin, Churchill, Hitler and Gandhi.
If one were to attempt at scientific or literary histories, it would be a shame if the 'personal' weren't part of it. The academic world has its fair share of amusing stories. Of course rivalries rank high on the popular-appeal chart. With personalities that are almost caricatures, scientists can be interesting people too. They come in all flavors: asocial, retiring, flamboyant, hesitant to down right cruel. There are several such amusing little stories in 'A Short History Of Nearly Everything' by Bill Bryson.
Writers don't like to be left behind, now, do they?!

You get Gore Vidal and Norman Mailer together and you have a full blown feud on the deck.
In case you didn’t already know, Mailer actually hit Vidal in the face once.
My favorite part of any book is the page with 'To' and 'For'.
One page, where the lines don’t have to fit a pattern, where you can say things that people don't have to understand.
Things you could say straight forward, be cryptic, or make it a little fable in itself.
Some authors know how to make the most of it, like JK Rowling.
Since we are already into the murky landscape of exhibitionism;And having already shredded your doubts and stated clearly that, here, we celebrate indulgence, that too of the 'self' kind, lets go full steam ahead.
Here's my page.

Who's my necessity- for never liking it aloud.
Who made the E word sound cool again- for never liking it aloud too.
Whom I haven't thanked enough- for always liking it aloud.
Who made comfort commonplace- for not knowing everything.
Who got the first one out of me- for never carrying the baggage.
Who doubles-up as my time machine- for taking ‘granted’ to a new level.
Who thought I could do better- for the initiation.
Whom I wanted to impress- for the comeback.
Eerily resonant of the word 'identifiable'...
A violent psychopath, of whom the following is said,
“I recall the pain of his shyness. He would break out in a sweat and freeze with palpable pain at having to respond."

Er, now that scares me.
If you were to associate each singer with a flavor, how would your list look like?
Sticking to the contemporary singers:
Sonu Nigam – Vanilla
Shaan – Butterscotch
Adnan Sami - Strawberry
Shankar Mahadevan – Black Current
Kailash Kher – Fruit n Nut
Atif Aslam - Chocolate
Naresh Iyer – Chocolate Chip
Lucky Ali - Jamaican Choco Fudge
AR Rahman – Belgian Dark Chocolate

Any further suggestions?
Paluke Bangaaramaayena, Kodanda Paani...
Paluke Bangaaramaaye, Pilichinaa Palukavemii...
Kalalo Nee Naama Smarana... Maruva, Chakkani Tandri...
Paluke Bangaaramaayena?

- Ramadasu


soapy said...

well this particular song is a bit nostalgic. one of my profs at my college used to sing this one...also an intelligent and creative post, i must say.

soapy said...

or should it be grey paper, grey words and grey thoughts... coz ur a bit equivocal......(This one's my perception...)

i said...

-Please don't burden me with words like intelligent and creative.
-had to google and confirm what 'equivocal' meant.
-talking of perceptions, I happen to think that this post scores rather low on the creative scale.
-lastly, should I take it that you are not going to divulge your real name?

soapy said...

some clarifications:
-i did not call u intelligent nor creative. I felt the last part of the post was nice.
-Also my comments were based on an absolute scale and not on a relative scale....
-"lastly, should I take it that you are not going to divulge your real name?"
Well, whats in a name....and my name would tell u nothing about me...

I said...

-thank you for clarifying.
-You are right, a name would tell me nothing except maybe if I know you personally or not (which I had already asked you once before). Anyways, forget it.

bytheway, you seem to have had cool professors. The last time one of mine sang was about 5 years ago. :)

soapy said...

I dont think so we have ever met save for the path-crossings that would have been at some public places.
By the way are u an engineer...

I said...

and yeah, I am an engineer.

Sharad Ragas said...

Did you stop writing?

i said...

funny you ask that..I am about to post one.. :)