Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tim lak lak -tim- tim lak lak

While scores of people around are clueless about how to move-on,
looks like a guy from Sydney has the solution : Go sell your life!
No sir, not to the devil, but on ebay.
The Left refuses to budge and the allies want to keep the Government alive.
Like Mr.Paswan puts it... We are trying to score runs and save wickets at the same time.
Common sense yaar, like those analysts in fancy suits and lit studios say: which political party will risk early elections for a non-issue?
The nuclear deal ain't going to win them any extra votes and our parties are nothing if not politically wise. National interest be damned, everybody is scared of going to the polls when inflation is likely to be the hot issue.

In an NDTV show yesterday Shekar Gupta said something to the effect of: Everybody knows the deal is as good as done and backing away from it is not really an option. Its just delaying the inevitable and both Congress and the Left are just going through the motions of doing the right political thing, as in... both don't want to look as if they have walked away from the negotiating table.
Hmm... so what do we have as a result: Congress which says, it is committed to the deal but still harbours the dream of taking Left on board. Left which makes it clear that it shall withdraw support if the govt as much as talks to the IAEA, but is just not yet calling quits.
And what do they tell us after the 'god knows how many-th' meet: that the govt has bought time. Time for what? Like one of those analysts said : apparently to do some political maneuvering or to put it straightly... to bring SP on board.

Enough of this, time to have some fun now:
So here's providing, my dear readers.. for your pleasure alone, exclusive footage of 'peep-into-Manmohan's mind'.
Curtains Raise!
Audio: tim lak lak -tim- tim lak lak
(remember the sound bite from RDB? the 'zindagi humein nachathi hai' bit.)
Video: a smug Karat
Meanwhile, a certain mister Federer begins his grass campaign in distant lands.
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Jill smiled.

De sakhta hoon main thoda pyaar yahan par, jitni haisiyat hai meri.
Reh jaaoon sab ke dil me dil ko basaakar, ek aisi neeyat hai meri.
Ho jaaye to bhi raazi hoon, Kho jaau to main baaki hoon.
Yun samajhta hoon.

Lyrics: Aslam
Album: Sifar - Lucky Ali


Anonymous said...

take a ow to aslam mia....

Anonymous said...

take a bow to aslam mia....

I said...

Everybody should have one such 'childhood' friend.
Don't you think?!!

Sharad Ragas said...

Sifar was one of the best Lucky Ali albums.. I had it in my car for years!! =)

adr said...

"Sifar was one of the best Lucky Ali albums.."

Welcome to the club! =)

Sharad Ragas said...

You ve a lotta clubs.. =)

adr said...

More the merrier, afterall! =P