Thursday, July 07, 2011

see you in therapy...

Harry Potter is Over. See you in therapy - reads a placard at the London World Premiere of the final Potter film. That quote triggered in me, a major bout of Harry Potter Nostalgia.

-Discovering the pleasure of reading for the first time.
-Realizing that words can move one to tears, laughter, deep emotion and pure joy.
-Learning what being 'lost' in something meant.
-Finishing off each of the seven books in one-go all-nighters.
-Waiting restlessly, for years together, for the next book in the series to come out.
-Dissing the movies whenever possible for not being faithful enough to the books.
-Wondering how on earth could the movies ignore what I thought were the most entertaining characters - Fred & George.
-Staying militantly devoted to the books, to hell with the million dollar spectacles.
-All-nighters on the Internet to reach out to other potter maniacs.
-The joys of mugglenet and leakycauldron.
-Disbelief at Dumbledore's death. Weeks later, still refusing to believe that it actually happened.
-Defending Snape's innocence despite all evidence to the contrary, just because Dumbledore trusted him. Dumbledore can't go wrong. He simply can't.
-Sweet vindication when Snape's truth is revealed finally.
-Having a hangover that lasted for weeks after each book.
-Defending Rowling when she revealed Dumbledore was gay and loving it.

I am the Harry Potter Generation.
We grew up with the books. They are such an integral part of our lives that we cannot fathom life without it.

Thank you J.K Rowling.