Friday, May 30, 2008

What's in the loop?

"Members of one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes have been spotted and photographed from the air near the Brazil-Peru border." - Survival International.
Doesn't this word : uncontacted, shake you up?
What's in the loop?
This is.
Catchy, charming and doesn't loose you out in the middle.
Chuck the video and do listen to those words.
Simple and straight.

The best part of the song is of course.... the 'Aditi' bit.
Use of an actual name somehow makes it much more personal and effective.
Remember any other songs, that did this?

This Rashid Ali fella, is nice.
The BJP takes Karnataka comfortably.
And I sigh in relief.
I would, even if it were Congress.
Who wouldn't, after all the drame-baazi of the last coalition govt?
But accept, we have to, I guess, that coalitions, those patched up wood-works that wobble after each step are here to stay. Like those suited men seated in lit studios say, the days of a single national party taking the majority (in the parliament) are probably over.
Like those who like to make grand statements say, maybe no single party can hope to actually represent the much too diverse nation and its interests.
Oh representation be damned. Do we want a functional government or not?
Or do we want a Karunanidhi with a few seats dictating the country's FDI policy and the left holding the govt at gun point?

Strong regional parties hint at robust democracy, may be.
What about the ailing national parties?
Like those wise men say, for bad or worse, we need them, healthy and strong.
At least if you want the govt to get time to do its job, apart from balancing the delicate coalition machinery.
I love this term : delicate coalition machinery. Show me the man who coined it.
What do you reckon will happen this time, monsieur?
Had enough chokes this year and I don't think my feeble heart can take any more strokes.


Leena said...

The Aditi song reminded me of one Musu musu hasi song! Nonetheless both made me smile. :)

i said...

Yeah, sweet both songs are.

Leena said...

He does it again..At least Nadal dragged him into a tie-break and a 5th set! Its amazing that there never is a creased brow on his forehead!