Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thoroughly amused...

Here we go again...
Rock On
Welcome to Sajjanpur
Welcome to Sajjanpur is a movie that deserves more than just a mention. If you paused to think about how the movie is while watching it, does it mean that the movie just isn't holding on to your attention enough? I guess not always.
Welcome to Sajjanpur had me thinking "Hey this is working for me" even while I was watching it.
Proof that it worked for me: Coz I
-thought "Aaayi ab Munni ki baari" is super catchy.
-guessed those words before they played out on screen.
-was lip-syncing the line while watching it and humming it afterwards.
-would have gladly joined in their dance had I been a Sajjanpur-wasi.
-actually felt sorry for Munni Bai when she stands distressed in front of Mahadev's front door.
-thought Ila Arun was fantastic.
-am game to have a protagonist with lots of grey shades, who doesn't let you like him easily.
-was relieved that I could finally like him without guilt, once he sets things right.
-am glad the movie is not some village exotica packaged for the NRIs or sheher ke youth - jino ne aaj tak gaon nahi dekha.
-found it all... so very charming.
Hardly a day gets by - aaj kal - without a blast somewhere.
And we all heave a helpless sigh and walk further down the road of desensitization.
Jill drank some water.
Jack drank some water.
Jill drank some more water.
Jack drank some more water.

P.S : er.. don't bother with the above, if you don't get it. It's a private joke.


Leena said...

Do watch A Wednesday as well, if you haven't yet.

i said...

Yeah, have to... heard its very good.