Wednesday, July 15, 2009

whats you fav e-word?

Much happening around...
- Supreme Court's landmark ruling on Sec 377. God knows we took too long to arrive at this! But like they say - better late than never.
The society may remain as stigmatized as ever, but sometimes Law needs to lead the way.
-Federer won his 15th. Roddick won many fans.
- C stepped into a brand new phase of life - a much awaited one.
-I am discovering the joys of going around Dilli early in the morning.
-The number of cars and the number of women driving them, are few of the first things that hit you about this city.
-Later of course you move on to the high percentage of well-groomed people and the mind-boggling all-pervasiveness of Paneer.
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Roman Holiday
To Kill a Mocking Bird
In Mood for Love
One Fine Day
Transformers 2
The Proposal
Kambakt Ishq
Books on my bedside table -
Time Machine - H.G Wells
Cosmos - Carl Sagan
My Friend Sancho - Amit Varma
Stay Hungry Stay Foolish - Rashmi Bansal
Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler
Mine is Hope.
It's quite a thing, yes. But it can darn well kill too.
What's your favourite e-word bytheway? 'e' as in emotion.