Wednesday, December 10, 2008

tumhein bhi kabhie yeh sataatein hain?!!

Curtains raise... the tamaasha begins.
With the general elections due, the recent assembly polls in 5 states (Delhi, MP, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Mizoram) were widely being held as some kind of semi-final.
The results have left everyone scratching their heads and scrambling for theories.

-The terror card works? No.
The general elections might shower more light on this, though.
-In-fighting, an exclusive Congress bastion? No.
Raje's loss in Rajastan has widely been attributed to this.
-Anti-incumbency, a factor? No.
Dixit just won her 3rd term. Phew.
-Indian voter comes of age, as some journos want us to believe?
Er, I doubt it sire.
-The mild mannered politicos won over the flamboyant ones?
Alright Dixit won and so did Gehlot. But Modi is still ruling and so is Mayawati.
-Predictions for big polls due next year?
Congress is not going to do as badly as BJP wants it to.
-Is a coalition still the most probable outcome?

Reminds me of the first general election I followed. Back in the days when 24X7 news channels were unheard of. Back when Pranoy Roy's NDTV used to make news for StarPlus.
I remember staring wide-eyed at all those graphics that Roy threw up and uttered his favorite word - landslide. I still like the sound of the word from his mouth.

Before the news channels/shows segregated on linguistic lines, there was a news-show that delivered the goods in an appealing mix of English and Hindi. It looked like common sense. Most of us talk that way after all, substituting words from other languages. ZEE tv was it?
A route which I considered to be safe enough even after 9 in the evening, turned out otherwise, at 1300 hours. Yesterday. What is one supposed to do? Let out a prayer each day on reaching home, for miraculously still being safe?
Tumhein bhi kabhie yeh sataatein hain,
Muskurake dil ko churaatein hain,
Jeene ko tho dil yeh chaahta hain,
Jaane phir kyun sharmaata hain

Lyrics - Tanvir Shah, Arshii
Singer - Lucky Ali
Album - Aks

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