Monday, October 06, 2008

What fun in looking into the mirror?

For something to become a part of your conscious thought process, it has to unsettle you enough.
It has to be different enough - From you. From your environment. From your ideas.
After all, what fun is there in looking into a mirror, except in self-contemplation.
Some have the ability to be constantly amused with life.
Life in general - Others’ and their own.
Life in specific - The little things : the words said and unsaid, the actions, the motivations, the fears and the hopes.

Some think of it as a mere mask.
I can only say - You just don’t get it, my friend.
Willing to guard it with my life, I wish to never lose that ability.
Contrary to prevalent and popular romantic sentiments, it is rather easy to be tough on oneself.
Maturity is in knowing when to be easy on oneself.
An acknowledgment of the role that the circumstances play in most things.
An acceptance of one’s own helplessness.
An ability to acknowledge the words - “No Point”.
Some things, just are.
They needn’t be judged by brainwashed criteria of right or wrong and better or worse.
Acceptance of the above might actually undermine the status of some emotions - as the rarest on the planet.
Yesterday you might have looked at it and swooned over it.
Today, the line might just be a handful empty words.
What has changed – You?
Jill just missed her bus to town.
Hands on knees, a panting Jack gave her a “What now” look.
Jill looked at her watch and said “Wait for the next one”.
Sitting on the bench, they found time to look at the newly painted Post-Office.
“I never thought the Post-Office would look so good in blue”, remarked Jack.
“I always thought you oughtta like blue”, said Jill.
“Now I do”.
“I am glad to see you like it”.
“But if you hadn’t missed the bus, you would have not known it”.
“I am glad, I missed it”, finished Jill, craning her neck to see if the next bus was coming.

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