Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a spoonful each of all my favourite ice cream flavors

To know yourself too well is not quite that 'swell' as they make it out to be.
Makes us overtly accomodating of our own failings. Me thinks.
Everything is forgivable but miserable cowardice.
Accusation of every other weakness; you can wriggle out of, with manageable damage.
Not this. It offers no such comfort.
You don't always fight. The blood doesn't always rile.
Sometimes when you are slapped in your face,
all you do is retreat. Wide eyed, shocked and in surprise regret.
Currently Reading...
Neither Here Nor There - Bill Bryson
Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka
India After Gandhi – Ramchandra Guha

Recently Read...
Notes from a Big Country - Bill Bryson
Nine Lives - William Dalrymple
City of Djinns - William Dalrymple
The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown
Discovered a taste for Travel Writing. Liked Bryson and Dalrymple very much. Both of them inspire me.
I was introduced to Bryson's work by a friend with - A Short History of Nearly Everything (ASHNE). I had enjoyed it immensely and on being asked how I liked it, I said "It's like someone gave me a spoonful each of all my favorite ice cream flavors".
I have come to enjoy his travel writing even more. I wish I could match his wit.
Wit, hasn't got much reputation as an acquired skill, has it?