Sunday, August 19, 2007

Once more..

I really don't understand what kick I get out of posting such lists....
I am trying to figure it out..meanwhile here it is...,

Gandhi, My Father
Black Friday

*nods..., short... I know.

And by the way... "khoon Chala" from Rang De in my opinion one of the best picturised songs (if not the best) ever. I doubt if one could actually call it a picturised song. But anywayz..
it is almost impossible to tell..if it was the visuals that made the song so 'haunting' or was it the other way around... may be its appeal lies in that very fact.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Its that time of the year..

-some decade and half into the past..and it was about the chocolates and sweets we got..
there was also some cermony that took place..we watched curiously.. wide eyed.
It was that special day of the seemed very important...everybody said so.

-a decade back... it meant wearing the 'white' uniform even if it wasn't wednesday or the games day as they used to call it.. We took a few social studies lessons so we kinda knew what the hullah was about...There were other trappings as well..numerous competitions.. the essay writings.. the elocutions..the dance,painting,singing...u name it... And the award cermony was on that day na.... felt all smug and the nose on its own volition flew a few inches higher into the air,when your name was called out in front of the whole gathering and the 'biggies' congratulated and gave away those prizes... and when you happened to win tried to put on a ..oh-another-day-at-work pose... lol
But we could atleast decipher why a particular gentleman's photo was garlanded and a ceremony performed before the flag was hoisted.
Songs were sung in fervour and salutation done with all the pride..
Pride, we had..why ...I am not sure we understood. A job for the history lessons and the speeches given..

Meanwhile..we grew...learnt few things..unlearnt many others..
In other words..were beginning to understand what those fancy terms in the social studies text books meant.. The Prime Minister's address was watched religiously...
Newspapers were tasty like never-before..

-After school..the whole ceremonial charm kinda faded away a little.... The celebration was in TV now...

-Somehow nobody went to college that day... The News channels had taken over.... some respectable one's were granted the viewership.. People came out with theme songs...
Discussions were carried out .. important people were part of the panels.. that glossed over how's of 'had been' and 'will be' of the nation.
People from all walks of life... told the guy who claimed, was from a news channel..'what the day meant to them'.

Meanwhile things happen... you read see live... you also think...
You watch news more carefully... The discussion on national issues draw u in.
Issues react.. you have opinions. You understand things better. Learn to look at the larger picture.Understand the 'grey's of life. Re-look at past...your opinions and judgments. Global perspective comes into picture...Regional becomes more important than ever-before.
You learn new things everyday. Unlearn too.

-Today...I celebrated in/with the News Channels... their discussions ,I followed. Compared my list of 10 defining moments. Took it all in...the flash-back...Allowed the whole thing to sink in.
Moments of reflection....of thought.

Is it the complete bombardment of cheer from all sides..the fervor or the Anthem
(sung soulfully by all my favourite singers)... repeated 'n' times.. in 'n' styles..on 'n' instruments..
or the really cute ad where a 5 year old...wishes the flag..a very happy birthday.....?
I donno...

But yes... I have an optimistic smile on my face...
Optimistic enough for me to look back and marvel....

And future..oh Yeah...I see my 'rhoota-hua-dost'...hope. Though I confess to not have completely gotten over my cynic friend.... I shall however in the spirit of the day.. hope that he remains dormant for a while...

-Its that time of the year... we call it our Independence Day...
August the 15th.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Deja Vu

You've lost track of the time and have no sense of what hour it is... you suddenly look out of the window and see the twilight..
Eyes start demanding attention, well they might do with some rest after all... you stretch a little, putting the book you have been engrossed in all night, aside...
You go to bed..smartly tucked in the blankets, at dawn...with a dim-smile that lit-up your face...

On a fairly lazy and little cloudy sunday afternoon..
One hand supporting the back of your recline into the living room couch.. watching a test match... (our team doing fairly well...)
You breathe easy and full...
The only thing that could disrupt now,would be a really confident appeal for Sachin's wicket.
You shift a little and make yourself more comfortable...if that were possible..:P

Aaahh peace....

Meanwhile it seems a little insane to react this way..
Rehman.... is God.
He sings too...oh yeah..damn well he does...

The guy utters...
-Vandemataram..... and every atom in my body responds.
-Aa laut chal tu ab deewane... and it wrenches my heart.
-Yeh jo bandhan hai..woh kabhie tooth nahi sakta... and my lungs are bereft of O2.
-Dil Se re... and I have no words.

He scores..
-Roja .. I get a goose-flesh.
And I have a long list...

It IS insane.... few chords struck here.. few strings pulled there... some notes hit... hehe

This somehow reminds me of 'Swades'.. A movie thats dear in a very special way.
My respect for SRK grew by leaps and bounds after watching him do a couple of scenes.. that might just couldn't have been done better.
Kudos..Ashutosh Gowariker for a beautiful movie.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
(* may contain spoilers)...
These are the early after-hours and I am still in a state that resembles a hang-over.
Expected but a little curious though at the character it is directed at.
Not Harry, not Albus but Severus. Those who read will understand what I mean.
It was not completely out-of-the-blue coz it was one of the scores of theories floating around before the books release. Have to confess though.. wouldn't have liked it any other way and maybe was indeed silently praying it to be exactly so..after the climax of Half-Bloood Prince.

Anywayz curtain falls on the Harry Potter series... Its been with me for the past 7-8 years.
I care not for what the world screams about the hype..the merchandise..the literary value.. the crass-commercialization..blah blah..blah.
Coz... when I picked up my first Harry Potter... I knew nothing about it... heard nothing about it. It was an innocent birthday gift. And I have grown to love the series... for solely one reason.. it was fun.

I discovered the joy of the reading. And it doesn't get more personal than that.

Cheers to J.K Rowling... for getting me to react and emote... :)

Friday, August 10, 2007


Maturity is a fancy term given to how to's of dealing with the don'ts ,can'ts and shouldn'ts of life.

People grow. Accept,face and hope for it. Thats wise.

No, Iam not in a mood to do sermons.

The day I am early to bed....I haven't lived. Or so my mind tells me.. which is wiped clean of any memory.

Haven't watched ANY movies.

Ofcourse,if you have read any of my earlier posts... you would know it be not-entirely-true.
So, I saw...300, POC-3 and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Am having 2 cups of coffee a day..which by my family standards is HUGE amounts.

My stipend is only to be seen in the (pdf)pay-slip they sent me. Iam yet to recieve the PIN number for my ATM card.

Have doubted more than once in the past week..if every emotion is over-rated.

Cold and detached... words acknowledged and their meaning too.

and now something truly random...

mera guroor teri achai mein...
meri dheemi muskaan teri khushi mein...
kyun parchayi dhoondthi hai...?

I confess.... to be rather taken my capacity for such lines.... LOL.

Rather random

And then I laughed,
Laughed at the frivolity of it all...
Laughed at the rush to consider it as such,
and at the urge to not do so...
Conflicting emotions..aren't they called...?!
Who won? u ask... I can only laugh.