Sunday, July 27, 2008


"Never go on trips with anyone you do not love".
-Ernest Hemingway
If only I was taught this in school, sigh!
To save kids from being deprived of such gems, they should be given 'lines' (or quotes if you will) and be asked to just mull over. We could have a weekly thinking hour or something, to facilitate exposure to words that are not tainted by 'syllabus' & 'marks'. What do you think?
One goes through the motions, without pausing to think.
And some days, you do that with a smile on your face.
Yesterday, was one such day.

Times when you'd wish to match the peace in your heart and the spring in your step, with a whistle on your lips - this would hands down go into the first chapter of the book called "The truly trivial and the nearly spectacular".
Because Gul Panag said a 'Shukriya' in response to Shreyas Talpade's confession.
Because there are few things that match up to the vision that Madhuri is, when she finishes her dance with a half laugh. In release. In joy.
Because Iris Simpkins speaks out aloud while writing.

Actually I don't have a follow-up line for all those 'because' s. They just looked smart that way.
(I have been wondering though, if the two things : Iris being the way she is and that it was a woman who wrote the character, are somehow related.)
To get things that I have talked about in previous posts to a conclusion:
The govt won the trust vote but not before it was sprinkled with generous doses of humour, thrills and controversies.
Here's Rajdeep Sardesai on the episode.
-If I were tipped off that the Great Flood was incumbent and I had one disk to save all the data I could. I'd say the BBC archives would be pretty high up the list.
-Someone had asked me years ago, if I could have anything I wished for, what would that one thing be? And I said - I want to time-travel to the day we would have first hand knowledge/contact with E.T life.
Its been long since, but I doubt my answer would change significantly.
The joy of listening to Jagjit Singh lies as much in the pauses, as in the words themselves.
Its in the way he hums before the this particular one starts:

Tumko dekha tho, yeh khayaal aaya,
zindagi dhoop, tum ghanaa saaya.
Aaj phir dil ne, ek tamanna kii,
aaj phir dil ko, hum ne samjhaaya.
Hum jise gun guna nahi sakte,
waqt ne aisa geet kyun gaaya.
Beep Beep: 1 Message Received.
Jack smiled.


Sharad Ragas said...

1. So where did you go (on a trip) with someone you do not love? =)

2. Truly trivial and nearly spectacular - very catchy!

3. You really like Iris Simpkins, dont you?

i said...

1. You take everything literally, don't you? =P
Let me oblige though.
Long long ago, I went on this trip,(not with a 'someone' but a bunch of 'someones')to a place that had good coffee to offer.

2. So, can I count on you to buy it? =P

3. hehe..Yes, I do.

IC said...

My roomies are asking if i am/fell in love...?!? :)))
u shd record my expressions as i read some of ur lines!!

adr said...

Please do ask your roomies to make up for my absence and my inability to record your expressions.
What better use for those mega-pixel camera embedded phones? =P