Thursday, November 29, 2007

headphones on...I walk the streets

One morning, moon woke up to a dying sun...
instinctively, he looked at his own still-luminous self
Bewildered, he watched the faint glimmer that was the sun, grow dimmer...
and couldn't help looking at himself again
How was it, that the affected glory outlived the source?
What sense could he make out of this?

Monsters Inc is superb cinema.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


They shook hands… looking into each others eyes
Holding the gaze, they let the whole of ‘what all these years meant’, hit them.
Searching involuntarily for the oh-so-familiar glint

They knew each other….
Days of waking up all night, lost in thought, drowned in conversation, afloat in ‘things to do’, wide awake in dreams and comforted in company.
When they nurtured ambition with the fire in their hearts…
Times of doubt and uncertainty… also of, will and hope.
When each inconsistency robbed their sleep
When each failure triggered a tedious process of going back to basics and re-tracing each step on the way, in search of ‘where did I falter’

They saw each other survive those nights
It wasn’t pretty, but beautiful, yes.

They talked as much as they did not.
They shared as much as they took for granted.

Those were the days…
When they weren’t what they could and would be, yet.
They were witness to the process … the ‘how’ of what became of them today
They both were, works in progress.

All that was years ago…
Years passed by…
Updates were shared occasionally… but not the processes.
They were abreast with the ‘what’s, not the ‘how’s.

Letting go of each others hands, they wondered…
Did ‘us’ still hold good?
Did they still ‘know’ each other?
What did the so-slight-you wouldn’t notice- extra firmness in the handshake betray?
a desire for assurance of the above in affirmative?

They hung their coats, put their briefcases aside and settled down for a cup of coffee.

Monday, November 26, 2007

smoked ears...

I do not know the background nor the full fact profile and the why-what of the protests.
Both parties involved might have their own justifications for what happened.
But I address only one small thing.
Yes,I am taking it out of context and being generic here.

Say... you are overcome with animal angst to cause the other person harm. And you have convinced yourself with whatever justification and decided to go ahead and give in to the primal urge. And when it is a woman on the receiving end...why is it always the same story?
Had it been a man, you would have beat him up to death. Not that you would spare the rod, for a woman... you would beat her up, too... but only after stripping and molesting her!!!

Its the same script!! Each time, every where.

On a different yet related note:

"They carry the burden of your 'honor' but you wouldn't dare give them their rights."

A gentle suggestion...
If you are not exactly looking for cringe-worthy and rather unpleasant posts, you'd better make a judicious choice about which blogs to read.

Update: It doesn't take much... or may be it does. anyways.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

things big and small...

The key to the ultimate question lies in things, big and small...
Origin... to understand it, Hawking says... we gotta understand the very big and the very small
Things of astronomical proportions and the the sub-atomic
Inverse and as different as they could be... but intimately interwoven

Even when scaled down to the mundane and taken out of context, the relevance seems intact

Grant me the illusion, at least ….
For, it would balm my wounds a little
For, I have no right to claim the thing itself
and I realize it... maybe only too well

this cry for alms will disgust me later
Will laugh about it in the morning
but how shall this evening pass...

You know the most difficult thing in the world is, to make me dislike something which even remotely has anything to do with space.
And yeah they have succeeded!!
Sunshine.... its so bad that its a shame.


Maybe he plays because part of him is just a boy who finds himself when bat meets ball.


tum ko bhi, hai pata... mujh ko bhi, hai khabar...
ho raha... hai juda, dono ka... raastha


Friday, November 16, 2007

just a tad bit late..

-I love hindi. Everything about it.
For a significant part of my life, I thought in hindi.
I revel in talking in it.
-I have an interest in books and movies, that could be almost called academic.
-I think the latest Idea cellular ad has more relevance than reams of crap written under the tag- social issues.
-I have nothing to say to you, if you happen to think that having a certain chromosome or being born in a certain community or caste, the colour of your skin, automatically makes you superior to half the world's population.
-80 percent of my interaction with my dad is about world politics.
-I react similarly to a plain white paper and a new born child.
I see hope, belief and joy. I think of all the things, 'it could and will be'.
-I am so dispassionate and detached that I suprise myself, occasionally.
-I can not watch a badly choreographed dance. I have to look away.
-I cry in movies. Some.
-This week I skipped my first meal at work, in the race to deadline.
-I have stopped writing in hindi, since the day I woke up to the fact that it had begun to show vague familiarity with some random bollywood number.
-One thing that, I , unabashedly romanticize is coffee.
And on similar lines, one of my dearest fantacies is to sit down in a random coffee shop in a random narrow street in Italy and write.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Bourne Ultimatum
Jab We Met

Babel : handled some everyday but not-very-convenient emotions....
the girl's track.... and the noise-blankouts when she enters the discotheque.
also the scene where Pitt offers money to the guy, just before the helicopter takes off. Thing is... it is indeed such an awkward moment...
When the guy refuses to take the bucks, one is tempted to host little anger towards Pitt for belittling him with such an act. But the fact remains that... what could Pitt have done to show his gratitude..? Things like this happen all the time...
and in atleast those, that I have been a witness to.. what that act reflects, is, a real helplessness!

Jab We Met... only Kareena could have carried it off!!


We think we know it all
Think we have all the answers
I can handle it.. we brush it off
its just that... sometimes.. we don't,
we can't!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

like that..

there is a scene in 'Jaane bhi do yaaron' which truly deserves to go down the annals of history as probably one of the best filmed comic scene in hindi movies...
those familiar with the movie might already have guessed it... the 'Mahabharatha' scene..
If there was ever a cinematic moment which deserved the word 'mad', then that was it...
Also, one more movie comes to my mind when I talk of hindi comedies... 'Andaaz Apna Apna'..
Now this is where everybody goes berserk.... if there was ever a movie whose climax was in true sense the 'finale' this was it... you just begin to mad can this get.. and there you are..
crime master Gogo.. diamonds... damsels in distress... sasur-ji in trouble from his identical twin... goondas with guns.... Aamir and salman at their comic best... Aamir especially is plain crazy...
It just couldn't get any better... and each time I watch it.. it amuses me even more.

Watching movies is an experience... there are some which you watch alone.. and yet others where it doesn't matter whom you watch it with.. but yes.. fun is fun only in proper company.
Laughter works best when shared... You end up enjoying something even more, in later viewings.... but with proper company... One such movie for me was Padosan. I always liked it... but seeing it with someone who knows how to enjoy a film.. who can laugh at all the madness with all the heart.. its just a completly new experience.

Loads of crap comes out every other day bearing the tag 'comedy'. But only few get it right... and when you strike it right ... you have a classic on your hands.