Tuesday, May 08, 2007

yeah right!

This country has turned in to a bloody breeding ground for intolerance.
If anything can spell doom... it is intolerance.
With their deluded sense of cause... self proclaimed torch-bearers of faith, culture and social justice....
Oh crap.... may be I should just remember DiCaprio's - "When was the last time the world wasn't falling apart?"

To re-visit some happy memories...here's a pic.

Laid eyes on the Martina Navratilova.


IC said...

ass!!two mistakes u hav done...
1.u dint take me along..
2.u lost this beautiful cam piece!!

Adarsh said...

There is still enough hope in this world for it to fall apart. Sad would be the day we cease to believe in it.

P.S. I finally got to see Blood Diamond this weekend.. and it was a great movie. Some moments were terribly well made. There was another movie, called "The girl in the cafe" which is btw not in any way related to this movie.. but had a few moments of its own which quite capture the questions we ask, sometimes in whispers, to ourselves. Or to others.

I said...

I have always (wanted?) to believe that. I guess, I indeed do...except in occasional moments-of-exasperation
which trigger these posts.