Monday, May 21, 2007

Why I love the Danes...

Have you ever been overcome with emotion, you could hardly contain within...
Has something made you utter a mute oh my god...OH my God... suddenly bereft of air to breathe.
Since this is just a 'beat-around-the-bush' way of screaming 'I did-I did' (*hand shot up in the air) , I will fire away....

I picked up The Hindu this morning err..alright, afternoon it is, to read yet another 'he-is-from-pluto' review of Roger Federer when something else caught my eye ...

The late-risers hit back ...- my eyes narrowed, I decided to read on.

Sleepyheads are up in arms thanks to a Danish campaign... -
always knew they had the gumption, I tell myself.

They are called many things-"lazy," "unproductive," "lacking in ambition,"- but late risers are starting to fight back. Long the butt of demeaning office jokes, sleepyheads are officially up in arms thanks to a Danish campaign to stop the "tyranny of early risers" - and I almost choked.

The Owl has the right to say"'Give me the late riser's rhythm at work,at home and in society" trumpets the B-Society website, a movement against the Danish 8 am to 4 pm working culture."Let me come to work at 11a.m and go home at 8 pm.Let me have quiet mornings to read my newspaper and ease into the day gently and peacefully." - and I almost cried.

The extreme Owls form a good 10% of the population.B-society has packed quite a punch, attracting around 4,800 members in only 4 months. - always knew I wasn't alone.

The Danish Minister for family affairs,has thrown her weight behind the campaign saying:" we all live better if our existence is not constantly dictated by an alarm clock."- the Danes choose wisely.

"We've had temendous success", agrees founder Camilla Kring."We now have a B-high school with classes starting at noon.Sweden has its own movement,Finland and Norway should soon follow and there's been huge global interest."- I tighten my fist, 'yes'.

An individual's prefernce for early/late rising is as genetically determined as eye or hair colour. Far from stereotyping of people who cannot get out of bed in the morning as lazy sods, it is all down to different circadian rhythms.Scientists have long known that early risers have genetic differences (variation in the version of a gene called Period 3) leading to physiological differences. - wipe away a tear from my left eye,I knew there was nothing wrong with me.

early rising puts the body under great stress due to high cortisol levels.This can damage brain cells and lead to premature senility.Lazy lie-ins,they say, are the key to good health. - an almost evil glint in my eyes,'huh'.

This is the most happy piece of news since a certain Mr.Nehru hoisted a flag at midnight on the Red fort.

(*in a low husky voice that is almost a whisper, a set jaw, a tight fist,eyes moist,a knot in the chest amd narrowed eyes)

Brethren..our time has finally come. Let us stand united in our sacred cause.
Let us show them that,'We will not go silently into the night.We will not go down without a fight'.
'This is it, we take no more',we shall proclaim and put an end to the "tyranny of the early risers".

P.S:Itlalicized part from 'The Hindu' and a couple of lines from the 'Independence Day' movie.


IC said...

the first person on my mind when i read that news this 'MORNING' was you!!!i was wondering if u read!!
n btw....i dnt agree abt this 'tyranny' thing...i hav tried all my life to stay awake after 9p.m..(i behave like an owl to make use of the silence around!!)...u very well knw wat came out of it!!well...ntng ntng ntng n ntng....n i feel u 'owls' r lucky ppl....u hav tons of silence to cherish!!neways...CONGRATS!!hehe!!

I said...

Well it is tyranny... the working hours all around are the same.. why? simply because some wise people thought that these(8 to 4) are the most productive hours...
We ask...what if not? what if a person is more productive in the late hours...? why should our voice be ignored? why ? why?
So dear, we fight back.. down with the tyranny... and we getting labelled as lazy and undisciplined.

I said...

and yeah..about your failed attempt to behave like an owl...
that exactly is the point...
imagine the horror of turning an owl into you 6am'ers..
that is the tyranny and injustice Iam are talking about..

n ofcourse we are lucky n all...:-)

IC said...

lol lol!!