Saturday, May 26, 2007


pieces of 'unused-since-ages' cloth..
a 'real' pair of scissors, the kind which fit nice and full in your hand.
a borrowed set of sewing essentials.
and ME. get 3 'oh-the-big-word' designed and sewed pieces of clothing, which with little bit of imagination and mixing n matching transform into 4-5 dresses.
Now I have grown ambitious. Mom is worried because she doesn't quite like that look when I have a scissor in hand, forever wondering which innocent piece of cloth is the next victim.
I watch the 'Runway Project'.

Afterall leisure does take its toll..

Movies: Dhee,Notes on a Scandal, Munich,Walk the Line, Monty Python and the Holy Grail Closer,Spiderman3.
Wanna read soon: A Suitable Boy, Orange is not the only fruit, Shantaram.

Some nice- yes -things happening...
People saying things like these.... The man himself must have cringed inwardly as he spoke few of those lines.
China rejects visa to a IAS from Arunachal Pradesh citing that he is their citizen. Such love.

Song: roz shaam ati....magar aisi na thi., roz roz ghata chaathi thi...magar aisi na thi
Favourite word: delusion
Caught-my-fancy: a certain 'Wang' , participant in Indian Idol (and no, I don't vote).



IC said... suitable boy!!the boy walks in the garden for 10 pages!!like the geisha ties obi n kimono in memoirs!!plzzzzz!!hmm...followng indian idol???interestng!!n btw...m waiting to see wat u hav learnt frm runway proj!!hehe!!

Adarsh said...

Leisure is a wonderful friend, aint he? Indulgent and guilty. Ditched me a while back though.. such scalawag-ness!!

Interesting ciao, btw =)