Sunday, May 06, 2007

One down..

Been to a Violin concert yesterday..

Amazing, it was.
Liked 'Vataapy Ganapathym bhaje...' & 'Kondalalo Nelakonna..' best.

Must be few inches taller than the bow itself,but... oh my God..
If anybody in the 50 strong contingent of students performing there had a maestro look about him/ was this kid. Just another day at the office look...absolutely.
He seemed the most unaffected of the lot...completely at ease. Not a single wrong note and flawless bow movement..(fully in- sync with the done-it-all senior students sitting in front) .
Oh he was such a treat to watch... I mean the bow looked like an extension of his arm( did I just plagiarize??). it in dancers and their moves or movement of the bows in unison.. makes it a treat to watch.
Apart from the musical element...made a good visual spectacle as well..the concert.
Damn, I did not take my camera along. In my defence... I went there directly after giving my final( the final) B-tech examination.

So, one less thing to do before I grace the heavens.


Sharad Ragas said...

Oh no no no.. the girl's using Rand's words.. *shakes head*

Kiddin' =)

IC said...

aunu...heaven ani fix ayipoyava??