Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Archies calling...

Yes,I have been taking some very Archie-ish photographs lately.
Now that I am writing about it, I remember...

We had big plans for the time we were going to spend in the college of our dreams.
We had a master plan.. it was was going to be the desert college's first in house greeting card business. Of course we had plans for expansion later but we decided to start with the soft targets.We were to play different roles and share the profits. Finance was always the problem but we would figure a way around.
Such and such..we thought 'desert extravaganza', flipping through the brochure.. apart from the music-drama-dance-photography club things, bicycle rides, guys, mental flashes of them all..
(me) finding a part time job,any job,in the observatory..
Well,there was also a list of the recruting companies somewhere in the rear.
It was was silly. the way I almost forgot..
yours truly- the lines (Yes, I did flatter myself so).
C - the photos.
K - the accounts.
M - Sales & Marketing.

Results came...



Sharad Ragas said...

It's wonderful, ainnit.. to have dreams!! I wanted to be a scallywag pirate once, never somehow worked out. They told me stealing ships and having bad teeth is not very becoming of an Indian kid in a landlocked metropolis.. hmm.. funny, coz I think I still succeeded in the latter.

God.. such tangentialization (sic) of subject!! Sorry.

I said...

Donno about before...but after POC and Johnny Depp... I'd say... your dream rocks!

IC said...

hmm....endukey...ilantivi gurthu chestthav??nannu naatu telugu loki dimpesav!!!
well...i think it was more than a dream ma' all of us...i still cnt accpet tat fact....
aina peekedemundi kuda aipoindi kada!!!
but the fact is....we rock...we still rock...irrespective of where we studied these damn 4 years!!!
pics r cute ...