Friday, August 10, 2007


Maturity is a fancy term given to how to's of dealing with the don'ts ,can'ts and shouldn'ts of life.

People grow. Accept,face and hope for it. Thats wise.

No, Iam not in a mood to do sermons.

The day I am early to bed....I haven't lived. Or so my mind tells me.. which is wiped clean of any memory.

Haven't watched ANY movies.

Ofcourse,if you have read any of my earlier posts... you would know it be not-entirely-true.
So, I saw...300, POC-3 and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Am having 2 cups of coffee a day..which by my family standards is HUGE amounts.

My stipend is only to be seen in the (pdf)pay-slip they sent me. Iam yet to recieve the PIN number for my ATM card.

Have doubted more than once in the past week..if every emotion is over-rated.

Cold and detached... words acknowledged and their meaning too.

and now something truly random...

mera guroor teri achai mein...
meri dheemi muskaan teri khushi mein...
kyun parchayi dhoondthi hai...?

I confess.... to be rather taken my capacity for such lines.... LOL.

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IC said...

hmm...i guess i am praying more than anyone else for ur ATM pin!!hehe!!u get it n we ll rock the theatres!!