Sunday, August 19, 2007

Once more..

I really don't understand what kick I get out of posting such lists....
I am trying to figure it out..meanwhile here it is...,

Gandhi, My Father
Black Friday

*nods..., short... I know.

And by the way... "khoon Chala" from Rang De in my opinion one of the best picturised songs (if not the best) ever. I doubt if one could actually call it a picturised song. But anywayz..
it is almost impossible to tell..if it was the visuals that made the song so 'haunting' or was it the other way around... may be its appeal lies in that very fact.


ravptor said...

Black Friday!

Shameless publicity - goto Gandhi My Father - no release near my area...

IC said...

i ll tell u...the kick lies in makng me jealous n d truth tat u use 24hrs a day...wat say? dnt talk abt my job(lessness?!)!

I said...

Ahh...actually I am a PFC regular. :D

Ah well...if you say so. ;)

ravptor said...

Glad to know. Really.

Sharad Ragas said...

I was in India for two whole weeks and could manage to watch just one movie.