Sunday, August 12, 2007

Deja Vu

You've lost track of the time and have no sense of what hour it is... you suddenly look out of the window and see the twilight..
Eyes start demanding attention, well they might do with some rest after all... you stretch a little, putting the book you have been engrossed in all night, aside...
You go to bed..smartly tucked in the blankets, at dawn...with a dim-smile that lit-up your face...

On a fairly lazy and little cloudy sunday afternoon..
One hand supporting the back of your recline into the living room couch.. watching a test match... (our team doing fairly well...)
You breathe easy and full...
The only thing that could disrupt now,would be a really confident appeal for Sachin's wicket.
You shift a little and make yourself more comfortable...if that were possible..:P

Aaahh peace....

Meanwhile it seems a little insane to react this way..
Rehman.... is God.
He sings too...oh yeah..damn well he does...

The guy utters...
-Vandemataram..... and every atom in my body responds.
-Aa laut chal tu ab deewane... and it wrenches my heart.
-Yeh jo bandhan hai..woh kabhie tooth nahi sakta... and my lungs are bereft of O2.
-Dil Se re... and I have no words.

He scores..
-Roja .. I get a goose-flesh.
And I have a long list...

It IS insane.... few chords struck here.. few strings pulled there... some notes hit... hehe

This somehow reminds me of 'Swades'.. A movie thats dear in a very special way.
My respect for SRK grew by leaps and bounds after watching him do a couple of scenes.. that might just couldn't have been done better.
Kudos..Ashutosh Gowariker for a beautiful movie.


IC said...

hmm..talkng my language baby!!wid lil difference eh!!anywaz..God ho ya God's son....he is ORIGINAL.n tats wat he ll b!!
m growing jealous...i wnat pottr...:-((((

Sharad Ragas said...


I loved that movie (Swades) when it came out.

I said...


Cheers to that.