Sunday, August 12, 2007


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
(* may contain spoilers)...
These are the early after-hours and I am still in a state that resembles a hang-over.
Expected but a little curious though at the character it is directed at.
Not Harry, not Albus but Severus. Those who read will understand what I mean.
It was not completely out-of-the-blue coz it was one of the scores of theories floating around before the books release. Have to confess though.. wouldn't have liked it any other way and maybe was indeed silently praying it to be exactly so..after the climax of Half-Bloood Prince.

Anywayz curtain falls on the Harry Potter series... Its been with me for the past 7-8 years.
I care not for what the world screams about the hype..the merchandise..the literary value.. the crass-commercialization..blah blah..blah.
Coz... when I picked up my first Harry Potter... I knew nothing about it... heard nothing about it. It was an innocent birthday gift. And I have grown to love the series... for solely one reason.. it was fun.

I discovered the joy of the reading. And it doesn't get more personal than that.

Cheers to J.K Rowling... for getting me to react and emote... :)


Damn Receipt said...

Hello !

I have visited your blog. It has been a pleasure to read you.

I wish you the best.

Damn Receipt.

IC said...

hmm...chor chor!!i kept all these lines in my mind for future post(post potter 7)...:-((
n read n emote...ya...i still remembr cryng rivers over the page whch descibd that mirror shwng wat we wanted..n of all...harry..omg...!!!
hmm...grown up...n grown up wid harry!!

IC said...
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I said...


There are two kinds of people in this mad mad world...

1)Those who have grown-up with Harry
2)Those who haven't

Who says so? Aah..well I do. hehe

Leena said...

I join you in that.. its been just the same for me and yes...Severus.*sigh*

I said...


Join the club...more the merrier.:D

And Severus...well I can only
*double sigh...