Friday, May 21, 2010

your score?

Once he has convinced himself to not feel bad about having so much leisure time, man has fashioned many-a-ways to trudge through.
After he has silenced that nagging voice with a loudspeaker that tells him that if he had any shame he would put his time to better use, he comes up with something like this -
1) Open the TIMEs list of 100 All Time Best Movies
2) Sort them into the following 2 categories -

a) Watched
b) Heard about/Probably have it already on my Comp

My score: 16/14
That leaves a balance of 70 which automatically go in the unheard category.
Makes me feel pathetic. Grr! I am off to find some thing else to do.


Chaitanya said...

Oh crap!
I dont want to reveal my score. Never felt such shame and humiliation!!

adr said...

hehe.. I think I know what you mean! :P