Tuesday, May 11, 2010

of polo mint and google news

There aren't very many things that help us trudge on with our existence that is enclosed in a 8x8 cubicle. News websites play a far more significant role than we can bring ourselves to admit - in our restricted-internet-access work lives.
And nothing quite stirs up frenzy like an election. Afterall one does grow tired of foots-in-mouth and statergic twitter leaks to raise the curtain on the 'controversy of the year'. Bah. One pines to be engaged in the affairs of the world in the old school way.

I remember reading somewhere that an ideal state of being was where the elections become a non-event. I wouldn't comment on the validity of the statement but guiltily pray that the day never comes. For, what shall we do should such a day arrive? Oh the horror of it.
We need elections. In all sizes and formats. Local, national and foriegn; Ours and Others. Ours, where we actually have a stake in, no doubt rises passions. Others gives us the balcony seat to the spectacle. Distant enough to be smugly academic about it but in-the-hall nevertheless.
We need them with one prerequisite though. Place of manufacture should be an authentic & vibrant democracy, where the result could indeed go either way. No fun in rigged ballots and rubber-stamp democracies.

We need elections and the frenzy they bring along.
Nothing short of a frenzy will do; how else are we to plough on, wide awake. Coz caffiene addicted we are, and by extension resistant to it's powers to stir us up to consiousness.

The brits have not yet concluded their affairs. And I am already wondering, who's next?!

It's a Tory-LibDem coalition for UK. And the media couldn't resist the Cameron-Clegg story. Have a look at the front pages.

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