Monday, May 31, 2010

before the dust settles...

Is it easier to reign in that primal instinct if at the very same moment you are also fully conscious of it?

We all have our guilty pleasures and overt indulgences. Times when one is easy on self and uses words like afford/deserved/but-I-work-my-arse-off to squelch the last hesitating atom in your hand as it hovers over the counter with the credit card tucked in between two fingers. Another give-away: Itching to go back even before the dust settles on the last spree.

Mine: Books

It's almost been two months since I listened to any music.
A full song, not some background score or stuff one hears whilst random channel surfing.
Don't really know what to make of it.

Q.I , a BBC show is fast becoming one of my favorite shows on the television ever.
Eagerly awaiting the upcoming H-Series.

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