Thursday, December 17, 2009

referendum kavali adhyaksha!

In any Telangana debate things inevitably get to a point where the following question is asked:
"But do the people of Telangana really want a separate state? If they did, then what can possibly explain the drubbing that TRS received in the recent elections?"
Things start to get murky here onwards.
Why is a 'no' to KCR/TRS construed as a 'no' to Telangana? If people rejected TRS outright in the elections, then why does the reason have to be anything more than a distrust on his administrative capabilities. After all the elections were for the Assembly weren't they?
Now things would have been a lot more clearer if a simple and straightforward referendum was put forward.
Ask people a direct question with just two options - Do you want Telangana? Yes/No.
Why do you have to resort to reading public opinion from Assembly elections? It makes no sense.
Like someone said on a recent TV debate - its just shows that we don't have the confidence and maturity as a democracy to ask for referendum.

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