Thursday, December 03, 2009

pet insight

Past and Failure have been subjected to unspeakable abuse since the beginning of time, in the hands of 'Quote' makers. My heart really goes out to these two.
The first email I usually check daily is inadvertently titled - 'Thought of the Day'.
And today it says "You can't go forward in life until you let go of your past failures."

We've heard countless others proclaiming the importance of learning from our failures and past mistakes.
Makes me bang the desk infront of me and go... One doubt Adhyaksha!

To learn from the mistakes and still practice the indifference preached by 'let go of your failures' - How easy is it?
Tell me whether to care or not. Don't ask me to indulge in the subtle dance of not knowing how far to go and when to hold back.


Chaitanya said...

X'tension' to the insight:
What if u werent at fault at all??How do u overluk tat? Can u like answer both for me? ;)

i said...

If you are sure, it was not your fault... then where is the conflict?
There is no lesson to be learnt anyway (except perhaps acknowledging that we are not the masters of the universe and there are things beyond our control) so you have really only one option.. To Let Go... isn't it?

Chaitanya said...

sure or not, ur mistake or others', u r the one who suffers the failure. thr wil definitely b room for conflict but , probably, of a different kind. and ths is not the conflict of cause or root, its the failure itself. to be able to let go, not of the mistake or helplessness, but of the failure itself. How easy is tat?

i said...

My point is... at least you know that you have to (easy or not).. let go.

Anonymous said...

@chait-totally agree..NOT EASY AT ALL..CANNOT LIVE WITH OUT..YOU CANNOT IGNORE IT.its so easy to say to let go..but one can only understand,how tough it is when you actually go through it.

Damn all those sayings..which tells learn this and that.Everything is SHIT.Nothing is easy.