Sunday, December 27, 2009

charm or a curse?

Dreams woven in the fading lights of dusk resurface full-bodied in the harsh afternoons of reality.
Simulated to perfection, they rob you of any ambition you might have harboured to turn them in to reality.
The pleasure, the allied emotions and the consequences, they are all there.
How then is one supposed to not give in, stop day dreaming and get to work?

Her brain came with an add-0n: a free but potent nonetheless simulation software.
One could be tempted to secretly smile and turn green at the good luck; I was, but no more.
What democracy? What rights? What justice?
Blood riles when one hears stories like that of Ruchika's.

You are a 14 year old studying in 10th standard. You are molested by a top cop.
You dare to file a complaint with the support of a friend.

What follows seems to be taken straight out of the worst possible nightmare.

The cop ofcourse uses his power and position to manipulate facts and evidence with the help of his lawyer wife. Meanwhile you and your family are threatened and tortured to the point of moving out of the city. Your friend and her father are threatened for supporting you. You are expelled from your school of 13 years for 'loose character'. You repeatedly refuse to give-in and take the charges back. You brother is beaten up, booked under false theft cases and tortured. You break and commit suicide.
CBI takes up the case. Rathore tries to influence the CBI officer heading the investigation. No charges of abetting to suicide make their way into the chargesheet.
19 years on, he is handed a 6 months sentence for 'outraging the modesty of a woman'.
He comes out of the court smiling and says he will appeal against the verdict.

The actual crime in question is rendered almost irrelevant by the horror that has followed. I just don't know what to say.

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