Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mausam ki pehli baarish...

After what has been a trying tyrst with the Capital's heat waves, the much awaited drizzle has soothed many a desperate souls here.

Life is good. Right Here Right Now.
Bas ise ab great banane ke liye garam garam Mirchi Bajji and Jalebi ki zaroorath hain.
Terminator 4 - Salvation
Wolverine - XMen Origins
Star Trek
New York


Leena said...

How's New York? I was planning on watching it sometime this week..

IC said...

Did u watch 'Khuda ke liye'??I hav heard Newyork lifts most of its concept frm this one.Did u lik it?

Leena said...

I didn't see any of the 5 movies named here.. :( Will hopefully catch up atleast a few this weekend!

i said...

New York is Good. Can watch.

Yeah, Khuda Ke Liye... I must have watched atleast 3 times. Its a very good movie.
The only thing both movies share is that they talk about what innocent muslims had to go through post 9/11.
While NewYork sticks to that. Khuda Ke Liye talks about various other things.

Sharad Ragas said...

The baarish is/was good. =)