Friday, June 19, 2009

Delhi Se - Its been a week..

My previous visit to the Rajdhani was typically touristy. This time though its more like an extended holiday; eventhough its work that I have come here to do. And if you ask me this is the best way to discover a city. Go live there, for a month or two.
The walk from the bus stop to home, auto rides, the galli ka kirana store, the children's park around the corner, the bargains - its these that flavor the experience.
I feel at home, in this city. Not sure why. From the moment I landed.
The temperature and pollution here are an issue. But one always finds a way to beat them.
So it was destination Mussoorie - Hrishikesh - Haridwar.
3 of us did the travelling. 8 hours earlier, I had no clue who the other two were and had never laid eyes on them. It is the closest I have come to travelling alone and it makes the whole trip so much cooler.

Reason# 11, why you should go travelling -
to realise how you can will an ailing body to savour the chills of a hill station.


Leena said...

I've always wanted to visit Haridwar.. north India, in general.

Hopefully, I will soon.

IC said...

I dont think you would hav stepped into Chennai with half as much enthu as you had into Delhi!! :P
No. Seriously speaking, you ll love the city (any city or any town[like hyd ;)] or any village [like Kolar :)]) only when you really start exploring,only when both you and the natives, are willing to make you 'feel at home'.
Some street photography waiting...from my end too! aur ek eat my share of parawthey,jalebi,samosae, rotiyan...etc etc!! :(

ADR said...

You should visit Haridwar. :)

thats true... liking a place.. and feeling at home has..more to do with me than the city itself I guess... :)
Do share the street photography.. bytheway
and parathey..roti and all...:)
these people eat parawthey for Breakfast..lunch .. dinner.. what not.. Man!!!