Sunday, June 07, 2009

Federer Claims his 14th Slam

A timesonline article on how Federer wanted this victory so much and so badly, that his desire almost destroyed him. Today's was not the same Federer who looked a bundle of nerves in the semi final. This one kept his cool and are we glad he did or what!

There are things we lesser mortals will never understand - like how he must have felt when after claiming the title he stood in attention (to the Swiss anthem being played out) and tears rolled out. It must be nice to want something so badly.

There were champions earlier too ofcourse, but only a choicest few inspire poetry, no?


Leena said...

Like the way the rest of the matches went.. I kinda felt Federer shall have to fight this out way more harder.. inspite of everyone underming his victory without Nadal.

He finally gets his record.

i said...

True, maybe the victory would have been sweeter if it was Nadal across the net. But, what can one say, he can only beat the man who made it to the final.
Ofcourse, he will have plenty more chances to beat Nadal, to prove a point maybe. Wimbledon is not far!

Ravptor said...

Except for the final, I hav'nt watched any match and generally Tennis for that matter in the last 3yrs... and very very little of nadal but i am reading all these things about how his achievements are so so just cos he did not beat nadal?!

Surprised... 27, 14 grand slams, longest No.1 and still not enough? My god, for expectations!

i said...

I agree, this (not beating Nadal) doesnt undermine his achievements in anyway.