Friday, March 07, 2008

see silence...

There are environmental variables.
They take different values for different people.
Some account for star alignment and others for luck.
A keen look around at people and their variable values,
it can be quite humbling...
We balm our pretentious selves with illusions of control.
We even settle for a semblance of it.
But dare not we, accept our helplessness.
I switch on the lights...
the first thing I do, as I enter unlocking the front door.
music blaring from my headphones...
I look around the lit space and see silence all around.
tu dhoop hai, cham se phigal
tu hain nadi, o bekhabar
beh chal kahin..
udd chal kahin..
dil kush jahaan,
apni tho manzil hai wahi.

Movie- Taare Zameen Par
Lyrics- Prasoon Joshi
Music- SEL
hang on there,
just a little longer.
coz things will get better,
they always do.


Leena said...

"I look around the lit space and see silence all around."

Yes, I don't want to get used to it. I need some noise..

And I absolutely love that TZP song!

I said...

Perils of adult life, are they?
I wonder.

And that song yeah... too good. :)

Anonymous said...

well i ave gone through your blog and this shit is making me sick....... why do you try so hard to be incomprehensible..... bull shit..... this is plaguarism at its best.